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Breakthrough to Double the Density and Improve the Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries

3 days ago

In a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Joule, Australia’s Deakin University researchers claim to have successfully…
New Battery Design to Enable Charging Electric Vehicles within Minutes

October 31, 2019

In a new report published on 30 October 2019, researchers from Penn State University detail a new lithium…
Lexus Presents its Vision of Future Electrification with the World Premiere of the LF-30 Electrified Concept

October 23, 2019

The new concept embodies the vision of Lexus’ electrification. Futuristic exterior foreshadows the Lexus Electrified vehicles towards 2030.…
Toyota to Show Production-Ready Ultra-Compact BEV at 2019 Tokyo Motor Show “FUTURE EXPO”

October 17, 2019

New battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are aimed for release in Japan in late 2020, as part of new…
Porsche extends electric sports car model range with the Taycan 4S

October 14, 2019

It was only in September that the new electric sports car from Porsche celebrated its high-profile premiere on…
DTEK Challenge: Increasing the Number of Electric Vehicles on the Road

October 2, 2019

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional cars with internal-combustion engines. Despite growing interest, the…
Porsche Taycan hits the road for the first time

September 5, 2019

At the precise moment the new Taycan was revealed yesterday, Porsche’s first fully electric sports car set off…
New coating developed by Stanford researchers brings lithium metal battery closer to reality

August 29, 2019

Hope has been restored for the rechargeable lithium metal battery – a potential battery powerhouse relegated for decades…
Researchers convert used car batteries into units that could power farms in the developing world

August 12, 2019

As part of a Circular Economy for electric vehicle battery systems, as the number of such vehicles increases…
ECO COM’BAT opens up new approach to enhance sustainability of high-voltage batteries

August 4, 2019

Electromobility sets challenging requirements for new high-performance batteries – cruising range, life span, safety, or charging times, to…
Toyota Supports Tokyo 2020 with Specially-designed “APM” Mobility Vehicle

July 18, 2019

Toyota Motor Corporation, worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, announced today that to support the Olympic…
A warning sound is mandatory for electric vehicles

July 15, 2019

Since 1 July 2019, it has been mandatory to install a warning sound generator in electric cars. This…
Electric-vehicle batteries’ service life will be extended by Bosch

July 10, 2019

Cloud-based swarm intelligence helps batteries maintain performance for longer. Stress makes cells age faster. Something that geneticists have…
NEDO, Sharp, and Toyota to Begin Public Road Trials of Electrified Vehicles Equipped with High-efficiency Solar Batteries

July 9, 2019

NEDO, Sharp Corporation (Sharp), and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) plan to commence public road trials from late July…
Expanding the temperature range of lithium-ion batteries

June 20, 2019

Electric cars struggle with extreme temperatures, mainly because of impacts on the electrolyte solutions in their lithium-ion batteries.…
Volvo’s Self-Driving Bus to Undergo Real-World Testing in Singapore

April 23, 2019

Volvo and Singapore University have revealed a driverless electric bus that will enter a testing phase on open…
How an Electric Vehicle Works – Infographic

April 11, 2019

Though Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current motor more than 100 years ago, electric vehicles are still a…
Testing of the new Porsche Taycan has entered the final stage

March 28, 2019

Porsche’s first purely electrically driven sports car, the Taycan, is currently completing its final test drives before it…
Porsche launches developer competition with Mission E Cross Turismo data

February 26, 2019

Porsche is inviting developers from around the world to work on digital mobility solutions for future Porsche sports…
Ultra-high-power charging technology for the electric vehicle of the future

December 18, 2018

Charging electric vehicles may soon be as quickly completed as filling up with fuel is today, thanks to…
GM is building bicycles and you are invited to name them

November 5, 2018

General Motors is a famous American automotive corporation, consisting of Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and some other brands.…
Bird CEO Says Working With Governments Critical For E-Scooter Industry’s Future

October 29, 2018

Travis VanderZanden, the founder and CEO of Bird, recently gave an interview explaining his vision for the future…
Machine Learning to Help Optimize Traffic and Reduce Pollution

October 29, 2018

Berkeley Lab researchers use algorithms for smart and sustainable mobility solutions Applying artificial intelligence to self-driving cars to…
Engie completes successful ‘proof of concept’ using second-life british battery tech for grid balancing services

October 25, 2018

French multinational electric utility Engie has deployed a 150 kW/90 kWh E-STOR system, developed by British energy storage…
ORNL demonstrates 120-kilowatt wireless charging for vehicles

October 20, 2018

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated a 120-kilowatt wireless charging system for…
Argonne’s battery testing and prototyping facility grows to meet demand for next-generation technologies

October 9, 2018

Argonne recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the expanded Cell Analysis, Modeling and Prototyping (CAMP) facility. Many of…
New fuel cell concept brings biological design to better electricity generation

October 5, 2018

Fuel cells have long been viewed as a promising power source. These devices, invented in the 1830s, generate…
Magnets—Coming around again

October 2, 2018

Magnets recovered from used computer hard drives found new life in an electric motor in a first-ever demonstration…
Polluting diesel trucks are hidden behind the facade of electrification by EU truckmakers

September 18, 2018

Despite all the fanfare about electric trucks at the world’s largest truck fair (IAA) tomorrow, the German and…
Electric Pit Stop

September 17, 2018

For every purpose, be it in the parking garage, at the supermarket or freeway rest stop, Porsche Engineering…
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