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El Nino Swings More Violently in the Industrial Age, Hard Evidence Says

November 27, 2019

El Ninos have been very intense in our times, which stands to worsen storms, drought, and coral bleaching in…
Research finds coral bleaching also influenced by location and other stressors

October 2, 2019

A study in Nature Climate Change has analyzed many factors that led to widespread coral bleaching in Indo-Pacific…
NASA Gauges Plant Stress in Costa Rican Drought

August 9, 2019

NASA’s ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (ECOSTRESS) has imaged the stress on Costa Rican vegetation…
Expert discusses El Niño effects, prediction strategies

June 26, 2019

In the past few months, extreme weather events have caused significant damage to communities throughout the United States.…
New Study Questions the Idea of “Global Warming Hiatus”

November 13, 2018

As is widely known, global warming has been attributed to the continuous rise in the concentration of atmospheric…
Multi-university collaboration will use data science to find the next El Nino

September 17, 2018

The El Nino and La Nina patterns in the Pacific Ocean are notorious for their long-distance effects on…
New research show blueprint for El Niño diversity

July 30, 2018

A pivotal new research study has isolated the key mechanisms that cause El Niño events to differ amongst…
3D View of Amazon Forests Captures Effects of El Niño Drought

June 13, 2018

Three-dimensional measurements of the central Brazilian Amazon rainforest have given NASA researchers a detailed window into the high…
New Study Reveals Strong El Niño Events Cause Large Changes in Antarctic Ice Shelves

January 9, 2018

A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience reveals that strong El Niño events can cause significant ice loss in some Antarctic…
El Niño and the end of the global warming hiatus

April 27, 2017

A new climate model developed by Yale scientists puts the “global warming hiatus” into a broader historical context…
Could Leftover Heat from Last El Niño Fuel a New One?

March 15, 2017

Some climate models are suggesting that El Niño may return later this year, but for now, the Pacific…
2015-16 El Niño took toll on California beaches; not so much for Oregon, Washington

February 15, 2017

The 2015-16 El Niño was one of the strongest climate events in recent history with extraordinary winter wave…
El Niño fuelled Zika outbreak, new study suggests

December 22, 2016

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have shown that a change in weather patterns, brought on by the…
Extraordinary animation reveals ocean’s role in El Niños

December 17, 2016

Australian researchers from the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science,…
El Niño played a key role in Pacific Marine Heatwave, potentially also climate change

July 13, 2016

The Northeast Pacific’s largest marine heatwave on record was at least in part caused by El Niño climate…
El Niño could drive intense season for Amazon fires

June 30, 2016

The long-lasting effects of El Niño are projected to cause an intense fire season in the Amazon, according…
Scientifically, This Was Still a Monster El Niño Year

May 7, 2016

At the outset of the 2015-2016 El Niño season, researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San…
Strong El Niño helps reduce U.S. winter heating demand and fuel prices

April 27, 2016

Above-normal temperatures during the 2015-16 winter were a key factor in lowering heating demand and winter fuel expenditures.…
Sentinel-1 sees rice paddy drop in the Mekong Delta

April 19, 2016

Europe’s Sentinel-1A satellite has shown that the Mekong River Delta – one of the world’s major rice-growing areas…
Jason-3 Begins Mapping Oceans, Sees Ongoing El Niño

March 17, 2016

Jason-3, a new U.S.-European oceanography satellite mission with NASA participation, has produced its first complete science map of…
Cholera-like disease ‘piggybacking’ on El Niño to reach new shores

March 2, 2016

The study, published in the prestigious journal Nature Microbiology from a team of international researchers in the UK…
World’s corals under threat

February 25, 2016

The current El Niño weather phenomenon is taking its toll on coral reefs, prompting a field campaign to…
NASA Global Hawk Flies Pacific Storm Mission

February 23, 2016

Extreme weather predictions on the West Coast could become more accurate with help from NASA’s remotely piloted Global…
NASA Global Hawk to Begin NOAA El Nino Storm Mission

February 8, 2016

NASA and NOAA are teaming up again to send NASA’s remotely piloted Global Hawk out over the Pacific…
Northwest winter weather: El Niño, coastal effects, no more ‘blob’

January 12, 2016

What some have called the “Godzilla El Niño” is now lumbering ashore, right on schedule. El Niño tends…
A Still-Growing El Niño Set to Bear Down on US

December 30, 2015

The current strong El Niño brewing in the Pacific Ocean shows no signs of waning, as seen in…
Researchers Launch Guide to El Niño

December 28, 2015

It has been heralded as the Godzilla El Niño, but researchers at the University of Arizona want to…
Current climate models misrepresent El Niño

December 18, 2015

An analysis of fossil corals and mollusk shells from the Pacific Ocean reveals there is no link between…
El Niño has effects all the way to the edge of the atmosphere

December 17, 2015

The warm El Niño conditions affecting weather around the Pacific Ocean are also affecting conditions in space, according…
How NASA Sees El Niño Effects From Space

December 17, 2015

This winter, weather patterns may be fairly different than what’s typical — all because of unusually warm ocean…
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