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How the World Reads

November 21, 2016

Today, the global literacy rate is at 83%, making reading an important and unique facet of communication among…
Enhanced e-book features unrelated to narrative may reduce learning for preschoolers

October 7, 2016

Reading e-books enhanced with sound, animation and games not related to story content may reduce learning in children…
Digital textbook analytics can predict student outcomes, study finds

September 25, 2015

College professors and instructors can learn a lot from the chapters of a digital textbook that they assign…
Digital books may help track efforts of students and to predict their grades

September 24, 2015

Nowadays students in universities rarely touch a conventional physical textbook. Digital textbooks are becoming more and more popular…
Finger-mounted reading device for the blind

March 10, 2015

Researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory have built a prototype of a finger-mounted device with a built-in camera…
Study: e-books may negatively impact our sleep after reading

December 30, 2014

It‘s no secret that reading is good for us. Just six minutes of reading is enough to reduce…
Barnes & Noble releases new Nook e-reader for $119

October 30, 2013

Barnes & Noble Inc. is releasing a new Nook e-book reader for the holidays, while it evaluates the…
Apple exec challenges e-book conspiracy

June 18, 2013

A top Apple executive downplayed the theory of an e-book price-fixing conspiracy at an antitrust trial Monday, saying…
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