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Scientists probe how distinct liquid organelles in cells are created

August 23, 2019

The interior of a human cell consists, in part, of a complex soup of millions of molecules. One…
New CRISPR platform expands RNA editing capabilities

July 15, 2019

CRISPR-based tools have revolutionized our ability to target disease-linked genetic mutations. CRISPR technology comprises a growing family of tools that…
$21.9 Million Gene Modulation Research Effort Targets Influenza Pandemics

July 1, 2019

A multifaceted research effort aimed at temporarily modulating gene expression using RNA-based techniques could help protect against pandemic…
New gene-editing system precisely inserts large DNA sequences into cellular DNA

June 12, 2019

Researchers identify and develop new CRISPR-associated transposase system for targeted integration of DNA, adding key capabilities to gene-editing…
To curb infection, bacteria direct their defenses against themselves

May 31, 2019

Sometimes, the best defense against hostile invaders is a good, long nap. Or at least, that strategy seems…
Self-healing DNA nanostructures

May 30, 2019

DNA assembled into nanostructures such as tubes and origami-inspired shapes could someday find applications ranging from DNA computers…
Artificial intelligence detects a new class of mutations behind autism

May 29, 2019

Many mutations in DNA that contribute to disease are not in actual genes but instead lie in the…
Yuki Okada. Image credit: Takuma Imamura via University of Tokyo
Turns out DNA isn’t the only genetic material — Elucidating the mechanism of inheritance through through sperm

May 24, 2019

We now know living organisms’ gametes aren’t the exclusive vehicles of DNA. “It was said that DNA is…
A “biomultimeter” lets scientists measure RNA and protein production in real-time

May 22, 2019

Builders of genetic circuits face the same quandary as builders of digital circuits: testing their designs. Yet unlike…
Big energy savings for tiny machines

May 21, 2019

Inside all of us are trillions of tiny molecular nanomachines that perform a variety of tasks necessary to…
Summit Charts a Course to Uncover the Origins of Genetic Diseases

May 21, 2019

Environmental conditions, lifestyle choices, chemical exposure, and foodborne and airborne pathogens are among the external factors that can…
How Do You Find a Virus That’s Completely Unknown? Study Says, Look to the Genome

May 20, 2019

Penn team of microbiologists and pulmonologists scan genome databases and find a new abundant viral family associated with…
How mutations lead to neurodegenerative disease

May 13, 2019

Scientists have discovered how mutations in DNA can cause neurodegenerative disease. The discovery is an important step towards…
Studying DNA Breaks to Protect Future Space Travelers

May 10, 2019

Earth’s atmosphere shields life on the ground from cosmic radiation that can damage DNA.  Astronauts in space have…
5-Minute Sample Processing Enhances DNA Imaging and Analysis

April 8, 2019

JILA scientists have developed a fast, simple sample preparation method that enhances imaging of DNA to better analyze…
UC awarded third CRISPR patent, expanding its gene-editing portfolio

March 15, 2019

The University of California announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued U.S. Patent Number…
Tissue model reveals how RNA will act on the liver

March 6, 2019

Novel therapies based on a process known as RNA interference (RNAi) hold great promise for treating a variety of diseases…
The Builder and the Regulator

February 5, 2019

One of the big challenges in neurobiology is cell classification, a problem compounded by the fact that the…
The Helix, of DNA Fame, May Have Arisen with Startling Ease

January 25, 2019

Trying to explain how DNA and RNA evolved to form such neat spirals has been a notorious enigma…
Scientists engineer new CRISPR platform for DNA targeting

January 23, 2019

A team that includes the scientist who first harnessed the revolutionary CRISPR-Cas9 and other systems for genome editing…
The long and short of CDK12

December 4, 2018

A new study linking RNA processing to DNA repair may open new avenues to cancer therapy. Mutations in…
Activating a new understanding of gene regulation

November 19, 2018

Regulation of gene expression — turning genes on or off, increasing or decreasing their expression — is critical…
Stripping the Linchpins From the Life-Making Machine Reaffirms Its Seminal Evolution

November 14, 2018

So audacious was Marcus Bray’s experiment that even he feared it would fail. In the system inside cells…
‘Orphan’ RNAs Make Cancer Deadlier, But Potentially Easier to Diagnose

November 14, 2018

Scientists have long known that cancer can hijack a cell’s existing regulatory circuitry and transform healthy cells into…
A look at how colds and chronic disease affect DNA expression

November 12, 2018

We’re all born with a DNA sequence that encodes (in the form of genes) the very traits that…
Hot temperatures can trigger an RNA response in plants

November 6, 2018

The stress of hotter temperatures may trigger a response in a plant’s RNA, or ribonucleic acid — part…
How Invading Jumping Genes are Thwarted

November 2, 2018

Since Carnegie Institution’s Barbara McClintock received her Nobel Prize on her discovery of jumping genes in 1983, we…
Smallest life forms have smallest working CRISPR system

October 23, 2018

An ancient group of microbes that contains some of the smallest life forms on Earth also has the…
Novel acid antibiotic discovered by waking-up DNA from soil bacteria

October 22, 2018

Scleric Acid has been discovered by capturing and engineering a DNA fragment from soil bacteria Streptomyces sclerotialus, and…
This RNA-based technique could make gene therapy more effective

October 17, 2018

Delivering functional genes into cells to replace mutated genes, an approach known as gene therapy, holds potential for…
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