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Divorce when children are older causes more emotional health problems

January 18, 2019

More and more marriages end up in a divorce and, of course, children are the ones to suffer…
Seemed all right to me: Differences in feelings of tension contribute to divorce

November 7, 2017

Women are twice as likely as men to file for divorce, and a new University of Michigan study…
If your sibling’s marriage is breaking apart, you are more likely to divorce yourself

October 1, 2017

Studies have shown that people are more likely to go through a divorce if their parents have divorced.…
Narrative Journaling May Help Heart Health Post-Divorce

May 9, 2017

Journaling after divorce could improve your cardiovascular health — but only if you do it in a way…
Change in Marital Status Post-Menopause May Impact Health

February 7, 2017

For women who marry later in life, a few extra pounds may accompany their nuptials, a new study…
Toolkit now available to encourage successful co-parenting after divorce

February 4, 2016

A group of Florida State University researchers has launched a new online toolkit designed to foster healthy co-parenting…
Researchers investigate mental health of teens after dad leaves

December 16, 2015

Family breakdown and the insecure financial situation that often results can heighten worry and depressive symptoms in adolescents…
Want to avoid divorce? Wait to get married — but not too long

July 18, 2015

If you hope to avoid divorce, what’s the ideal age to get married? For years, it seemed like…
Do Daughters Cause Divorce? Maybe Not

July 16, 2014

In the U.S., couples with daughters are somewhat more likely to divorce than couples with sons. Many scholars…
Parental divorce diminishes childrens chances to graduate, study shows

July 8, 2014

What are the long-terms consequences of parental divorce for children’s educational attainment? Fabrizio Bernardi and Jonas Radl investigated…
Who Gets Custody Now?

May 27, 2014

Until now, children from divorced families mostly remained with their mothers. However, a recent study revealed that significant changes…
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