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Dione on the Edge

April 9, 2018

Saturn’s moon Dione drifts before the planet’s rings, seen here almost edge on. For all their immense width,…
Methane Saturn

February 2, 2016

The soft, bright-and-dark bands displayed by Saturn in this view from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft are the signature of…
Wisps Under the Rings

December 29, 2015

Dione’s beautiful wispy terrain is brightly lit alongside Saturn’s elegant rings. The “wisps” are relatively young fractures on…
Dione Before the Rings

November 24, 2015

Saturn’s rings are so expansive that they often sneak into Cassini’s pictures of other bodies. Here, they appear…
The Moons of Saturn

September 14, 2015

Saturn is well known for being a gas giant, and for its impressive ring system. But would it…
Saturn: Entranced by a Transit

September 1, 2015

Saturn’s moon Dione crosses the face of the giant planet in this view, a phenomenon astronomers call a…
Cassini’s Final Breathtaking Close Views of Dione

August 21, 2015

A pockmarked, icy landscape looms beneath NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in new images of Saturn’s moon Dione taken during…
Cassini’s Farewell Look at Dione

August 20, 2015

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft paid a visit to Saturn’s moon Dione this week, one final time. Cassini passed just…
Chasms on Dione

August 18, 2015

While not bursting with activity like its system sister Enceladus, the surface of Dione is definitely not boring.…
Cassini to Make Last Close Flyby of Saturn Moon Dione

August 14, 2015

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will zip past Saturn’s moon Dione on Monday, Aug. 17 — the final close flyby…
Saturn: Looking Up to the Giant

August 5, 2015

Thanks to the illumination angle, Mimas (right) and Dione (left) appear to be staring up at a giant…
Unusual Red Arcs Spotted on Icy Saturn Moon

July 30, 2015

Like graffiti sprayed by an unknown artist, unexplained arc-shaped, reddish streaks are visible on the surface of Saturn’s…
Space Image: Dione Dwarfing Rhea

June 2, 2015

Is Dione (698 miles or 1123 kilometers across) suddenly larger than Rhea (949 miles or 1527 kilometers across)?…
Saturn’s Moons: What a Difference a Decade Makes

December 11, 2014

Almost immediately after NASA’s twin Voyager spacecraft made their brief visits to Saturn in the early 1980s, scientists…
Cassini Images Terrain of Saturn’s Moon Dione

February 19, 2014

Although the crack-like features seen here on Dione’s surface appear wispy and faded, they are in reality a…
Cassini Finds Hints of Activity at Saturn Moon Dione

May 30, 2013

From a distance, most of the Saturnian moon Dione resembles a bland cueball. Thanks to close-up images of…
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