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The Anonymity of Tor, VPN, and Proxy – What Do You Need to Know?

November 24, 2019

So, you begin to worry about the fact that your ISP is spying on you, throttling traffic or blocking some…
Would people be willing to give their personal data for research?

November 21, 2019

The study published in PLOS ONE investigated whether the donation of personal data could be a publicly acceptable act…
Is CCPA A Mini GDPR? Expand the scope of your data privacy debate (Infographic)

October 10, 2019

A lot has been said and done in the past year to change the way how personal data…
Data breaches: A pause, then life goes on?

August 23, 2019

What can matchmaking site data tell us about how consumers respond to major credit card and other data…
Technology laws and democratic freedoms – is the Australian Government getting the balance right?

August 15, 2019

As the Government increasingly embraces the use of technology, there are a range of laws that have been…
The FaceApp Scare: How Machine Learning Technology can put Your Identity in Danger

August 5, 2019

We are currently living in the ‘mobile app’ age. Every other day, a new app comes into existence…
SFU students’ AI solution shields against video voyeurs

July 31, 2019

If you’re a homeowner, you might rely on a smart-home security system for peace of mind—but what if…
Top 5 reasons to keep your IP private

April 1, 2019

Your IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique identifier that every device needs to have to connect to…
Cybersecurity: The Importance of Securing Personal Information

January 26, 2019

Technology has come a long way. The advancement of technology has paved the way for much more development…
Anonymous Yet Trustworthy

January 18, 2019

Researchers create an application that ensures anonymity and trustworthiness for minority groups in authoritarian countries. Minority and dissident…
A new app helps protecting sensitive information from shady border control agents

January 16, 2019

Let us guess – your smartphone is filled with sensitive personal information. It is not even that much…
A Proposed DNA Data Protection Act? The Cat’s Out of the Bag

December 27, 2018

A team of biologists, policy analysts, and legal experts from the University of Queensland call for a new…
Advancement of artificial intelligence opens health data privacy to attack

December 27, 2018

Advances in artificial intelligence have created new threats to the privacy of health data, a new UC Berkeley…
Identity Theft Protection Services to Value US$ 7,377 Mn in 2018

December 19, 2018

Identity theft protection services have garnered prominence for establishment of a robust monitoring and protection framework, both for…
Can you really use smartphone spy apps to monitor someone? And should you?

December 18, 2018

Technologies are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Not so long ago having a cell phone was a big…
Hey, Alexa, stop listening to everything I say

November 27, 2018

They look to be one of the top Black Friday bargains this year—those smart speakers like Alexa and…
Study of Google data collection comes amid increased scrutiny over digital privacy

November 12, 2018

Google may not know whether you’ve been bad or good but it knows when you’re sleeping and when…
What is the Difference Between VPN and Proxy – Which is More Secure?

November 4, 2018

Cybersecurity is becoming an important issue in today’s era. Both the prying eyes and hackers are getting experienced…
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