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Protecting Yourself (And your Credit Score) from Identity Theft Online

July 9, 2019

No matter how much you know about technology or the amount of time you’ve spent on the Internet,…
The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

March 19, 2019

Cybersecurity experts and cybercriminals alike are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning tools to protect and steal data…
IDEAS to Transform the Lives of Billions

February 3, 2019

Despite significant progress in recent years, one billion people are still unable to prove their identity, and millions…
Statistics Don’t Lie When It Comes to the Threat of Identity Theft

October 6, 2015

The media portrays cybercrime as a big issue, in the sense that it happens to big agencies and…
NIST’s NextGen PIV Card Strengthens Security and Authentication

June 17, 2015

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has updated its technical specifications and guidance for the next…
Got Your Number: Cyber-attacks Make Us Rethink the Idea of Social Security Numbers

June 8, 2015

Nearly every 12 hours, on average in 2014, there was an institutional data breach somewhere in the United…
Identity Theft: Effects, Causes & Recovery

April 1, 2015

Identity theft is devastating, with an average of $500 in losses most commonly from credit card fraud according…
CrossChx gets investment from Drive Capital

August 12, 2013

Drive Capital, a new investment firm has just announced an unspecified investment into CrossChx, a company specializing in biometric patient identification.…
Carillon Information Security completes cross-certification with CertiPath PKI Bridge

April 19, 2013

  April 18, 2013 – Carillon Information Security has just achieved Cross-Certification with the CertiPath PKI Bridge. According to the company, by taking…
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