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Both High and Low Carbohydrate Diets Reduce Lifespan in Humans

August 20, 2018

According to a new prospective cohort study and meta-analysis, published 16 August 2018 in the journal The Lancet…
Eating better throughout adult years improves physical fitness in old age, suggests study

October 20, 2017

People who have a healthier diet throughout their adult lives are more likely to be stronger and fitter…
How Ketogenic Diets Curb Inflammation

September 25, 2017

Ketogenic diets – extreme low-carbohydrate, high-fat regimens that have long been known to benefit epilepsy and other neurological…
A special diet improves growth and fertility of fruit flies with no cost to their lifespan

March 15, 2017

Scientists can develop special diets that can speed up the development of the organism. They could do that…
A diet rich with pomegranates is extremely beneficial for brain health

September 4, 2016

We all know that we must eat lots of fruit to stay healthy and strong. However, some effects…
Brain fitness for a long and healthy life

March 23, 2015

The strategies for living a long and healthy life are well known and relatively simple, if not always…
Calorie-restricting diets slow aging

November 17, 2014

The adage ‘you are what you eat’ has been around for years. Now, important new research provides another…
Fat feedback: Lipids, not calories, trigger a strong Insulin response

October 27, 2014

Insulin is a reaction to what we eat: Especially food with plenty of carbohydrates rises the blood sugar…
How fussy pandas maintain a balanced bamboo diet

July 22, 2014

Pandas are famously fussy eaters, but new research suggests there is method to their madness, with the animals…
Unravelling the Mediterranean diet: where does its dietary fame come from?

July 21, 2014

The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been featuring within the news media for years now. But…
Calorie restriction increases longevity – or does it?

August 6, 2013

Here’s an interesting stat to bring up at the dinner table: for each human cell in your body,…
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