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Under pressure: New device’s 1.6 billion atmospheres per second assists impact studies

July 14, 2019

A new super-fast high-pressure device at DESY’s PERA III X-ray light source allows scientists to simulate and study…
NIF tops Physics of Plasmas ‘most cited’

July 5, 2019

Research authored by physicists in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility & Photon Science Directorate (NIF&PS) represented…
New research has potential to revolutionize diamond exploration

May 23, 2019

Study identifies lherzolite, previously only peripherally associated with diamond formation, as a source rock for diamond deposits. A…
A splash of silver turns diamond films shades of green, blue or purple

October 24, 2018

While most gem buyers might balk at a diamond imbued with yellow or green — a sign of…
In the device, which is about the size of a fingernail, clusters of diamond nanocrystals (black spots) sit atop a material called a multiferroic. The multiferroic transmits microwave energy into the crystals much more efficiently than other methods.
Diamond dust enables low-cost, high-efficiency magnetic field detection

September 11, 2018

UC Berkeley engineers have created a device that dramatically reduces the energy needed to power magnetic field detectors,…
What makes diamonds blue? Boron from oceanic crustal remnants in Earth’s lower mantle

August 2, 2018

Blue diamonds—like the world-famous Hope Diamond at the National Museum of Natural History—formed up to four times deeper…
Sound waves reveal diamond cache deep in Earth’s interior

July 17, 2018

There may be more than a quadrillion tons of diamond hidden in the Earth’s interior, according to a…
Implanting diamonds with flaws to provide key technology for quantum communications

July 9, 2018

Princeton University researchers are using synthetic diamonds to help create a communication network that relies on a property…
Promising research could lead to new strategies in NMR and MRI using diamonds and lasers

May 25, 2018

Defects in the lattice of diamonds produce more than just beautiful coloration.  A new approach developed by researchers…
Nanodiamonds are forever

May 14, 2018

Say goodbye to the slogan “diamonds are forever.” For industries that use dry lubricant, the up-and-coming phrase is…
Scientists learned how to make diamonds in a microwave – this is going to change the entire industry

April 24, 2018

It is very interesting that a diamond, which really is not that rare noble stone, is such a…
How to bend and stretch a diamond

April 20, 2018

Diamond is well-known as the strongest of all natural materials, and with that strength comes another tightly linked…
A first for quantum physics: electron orbitals manipulated in diamonds

April 20, 2018

While defects in a diamond are mostly undesirable, certain defects are a quantum physicist’s best friend, having the…
This Meteorite is One of the Few Remnants from a Lost Planet that was Destroyed Long Ago

April 20, 2018

What if our Solar System had another generation of planets that formed before, or alongside, the planets we…
Scientists created the world’s first continuous room-temperature solid-state maser

March 23, 2018

Everyone has heard about lasers. But do you know what people used for deep space communication and radio…
Diamonds From the Deep: Study Suggests Water May Exist in Earth’s Lower Mantle

March 15, 2018

Researchers study crystallized water trapped in diamonds that formed hundreds of miles beneath Earth’s surface. The molecular structure…
Prediction of titanic nitride proved unsinkable

January 29, 2018

A team of experimental and computational scientists led by Carnegie’s Tim Strobel and Venkata Bhadram have synthesized a…
Scientists find oxidized iron deep within the Earth’s interior

January 25, 2018

Scientists digging deep into the Earth’s mantle recently made an unexpected discovery. Five hundred fifty kilometres below the…
Diamonds’ flaws hold promise for new technologies

January 19, 2018

“Historically, people called these defects ‘color centers’ because when you shine light on a diamond you see a…
Diamonds track cancer

October 5, 2017

You would not expect diamonds to have anything to do with cancer treatment. But they can actually they…
Amorphous diamond synthesized

September 1, 2017

A team of Carnegie high-pressure physicists have created a form of carbon that’s hard as diamond, but amorphous,…
Diamonds to shed light on signals in the brain

September 1, 2017

New quantum technology makes it possible to measure much finer and less magnetic signals in human tissue than…
Scientists create ‘diamond rain’ that forms in the interior of icy giant planets like Neptune

August 23, 2017

In an experiment designed to mimic the conditions deep inside the icy giant planets of our solar system,…
Diamonds that deliver

February 26, 2017

Neutrons, simulation analysis of tRNA-nanodiamond combo could transform drug delivery design principles It’s not enough to design new…
World’s Smallest Diamonds used to Create Self-Assembling Nanowires

December 28, 2016

Researchers from Stanford University and Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have discovered away to coax diamondoids…
The case of the missing diamonds

December 22, 2016

It all began innocently enough. Tyrone L. Daulton, a physicist with the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering…
New diamond harder than ring bling

December 14, 2016

The University of Sydney has collaborated in an international project including the Australian National University and RMIT to…
How to Turn Nuclear Waste Into Electric Energy

November 28, 2016

Scientists at the Bristol university have found a way to convert worthless nuclear waste into diamond batteries that…
Scientists Found a Way to Store Massive Amounts of Data in Diamond Defects

October 31, 2016

Historically, diamonds have been valued for their aesthetic qualities and as objects denoting social class. Recently, however, these…
Diamond proves useful material for growing graphene

September 19, 2016

Graphene is the stuff of the future. For years, researchers and technologists have been predicting the utility of…
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