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NASA Joins Last of Five Sections for Space Launch System Rocket Stage


NASA finished assembling and joining the main structural components for the largest rocket stage the agency has built…
Deadline Closing for Names to Fly on NASA’s Next Mars Rover


It’s the final boarding call for you to stow your name on NASA’s Mars 2020 rover before it…
Orion to Face Simulated Rigors of Space in Last Major Testing Before Artemis I


The recently completed Orion spacecraft for Artemis I will head to Ohio for the final stretch of major…
NASA Prepares for Green Run Testing, Practices Lifting SLS Core Stage

August 28, 2019

NASA cleared a milestone in preparation for Green Run testing of its Space Launch System (SLS) core stage…
Orion Hot Fire Test Blazing a Safe Trail for NASA Missions to the Moon

August 24, 2019

The Northrop Grumman built attitude control motor (ACM) on Orion’s launch abort system was successfully tested on August 22, at…
30 Years Ago: Voyager 2’s Historic Neptune Flyby

August 23, 2019

Thirty years ago, on Aug. 25, 1989, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft made a close flyby of Neptune, giving…
Hot Fire! Orion’s Service Module Completes Critical Propulsion Test

August 7, 2019

NASA is building a system to send astronauts to the Moon for Artemis missions, and that includes tests…
NASA Announces US Industry Partnerships to Advance Moon, Mars Technology

July 31, 2019

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this release misstated the number of companies selected. The correct number is…
What is Artemis?

July 26, 2019

NASA is committed to landing American astronauts, including the first woman and the next man, on the Moon…
RoboSimian can walk on four legs, crawl, move like an inchworm and slide on its belly. In this photo it stands on the Devil's Golf Course in Death Valley, California, for field testing with engineer Brendan Chamberlain-Simon.Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
For Climbing Robots, the Sky’s the Limit

July 11, 2019

Robots can drive on the plains and craters of Mars, but what if we could explore cliffs, polar…
Planetary Rings of Uranus ‘Glow’ in Cold Light

June 25, 2019

Using the both ALMA and the VLT, astronomers have imaged the cold, rock-strewn rings encircling the planet Uranus.…
Small Satellite Concept Finalists Target Moon, Mars and Beyond

June 24, 2019

NASA has selected three finalists among a dozen concepts for future small satellites. The finalists include a 2022…
Mars 2020 Rover Gets Its Wheels

June 21, 2019

In this image, taken on June 13, 2019, engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, install…
How an Atomic Clock Will Get Humans to Mars on Time

June 15, 2019

NASA navigators are helping build a future where spacecraft could safely and autonomously fly themselves to destinations like…
NASA Invests in Tech Concepts Aimed at Exploring Lunar Craters, Mining Asteroids

June 12, 2019

Robotically surveying lunar craters in record time and mining resources in space could help NASA establish a sustained…
Five Things to Know about NASA’s Deep Space Atomic Clock

June 5, 2019

NASA is sending a new technology to space on June 22 that will change the way we navigate…
NASA Reaches New Milestone on Complex, Large Rocket

June 4, 2019

NASA achieved a significant milestone in manufacturing the first large, complex core stage that will help power the…
From Alabama to the Moon

May 30, 2019

The path to the Moon has run through Alabama since the earliest days of our nation’s space program.…
50 Years Ago: Apollo 10 Clears the Way for the first Moon Landing

May 26, 2019

“Houston, we are returning to Earth!” With those words, Apollo 10 Commander Thomas P. Stafford announced that the…
NASA Administrator to Make Artemis Moon Program Announcement, Media Teleconference Set

May 23, 2019

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will make a significant announcement about the Artemis program’s lunar exploration plans at 1…
NASA Taps 11 American Companies to Advance Human Lunar Landers

May 17, 2019

NASA has selected 11 companies to conduct studies and produce prototypes of human landers for its Artemis lunar…
NASA Awards $106 Million to US Small Businesses for Technology Development

May 15, 2019

Managing pilotless aircraft and solar panels that could help humans live on the Moon and Mars are among…
NASA Selects Two New Space Tech Research Institutes for Smart Habitats

April 9, 2019

As exploration missions venture beyond low-Earth orbit and to the Moon — and eventually Mars — NASA must…
The Voyage to Interstellar Space

March 29, 2019

By all means, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 shouldn’t even be here. Now in interstellar space, they are…
Tests Prove Out Orion Safety Systems From Liftoff to Splashdown

March 27, 2019

Engineers completed two key tests the week of March 18 to help ensure NASA’s Orion spacecraft is ready…
SLS Engine Section Approaches Finish Line for First Flight

March 23, 2019

NASA and Boeing have completed the majority of outfitting for the core stage engine section for the first…
Goddard Technologists and Scientists Prepare for a New Era of Human Exploration

March 13, 2019

NASA scientists, engineers, and technologists are preparing for a new era of human exploration at the Moon, which…
NASA is With You When You Fly, Even on Mars

March 13, 2019

According to the 1958 law that established NASA, where the first “A” in NASA stands for aeronautics, the…
Orion Recovery Team: Ready to ‘Rock and Roll’

November 14, 2018

A NASA and Department of Defense team returned from a week of training at sea to improve joint…
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