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A new network design for the “Internet from space”

December 12, 2019

A new generation of low-​flying satellites promises an “Internet from space”, that will be able to cover even…
System helps smart devices find their position

October 5, 2019

A new system developed by researchers at MIT and elsewhere helps networks of smart devices cooperate to find…
Extension to revolutionary 5G project

May 29, 2019

A project that aims to revolutionise agriculture and tourism industries, as well as improve connectivity for those living…
Why Building IoT-Ready Networks Should Be a Priority

March 13, 2019

IoT is poised to change the business world, even though it only seems to be making baby steps…
Top 4 Reasons to Monitor Your Network

November 12, 2018

Network monitoring is a 24 hr labor intensive aspect of the modern tech world. Once your business starts…
Study exposes security vulnerabilities in terahertz data links

October 17, 2018

A new study involving University at Buffalo researchers shows that terahertz data links, which may play a role in ultra-high-speed…
How cloud-based SD-WAN nails WAN management

October 16, 2018

Digital transformation (DX), edge computing, adoption of SaaS (Software as a Service) public cloud-based applications, and SDN (Software…
Scientists to tap data networks’ hidden powers

July 18, 2018

Rice University scientists have been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to develop distributed programming methods to analyze…
Goonhilly unveils roadmap for commercial space communications, space exploration, data services and engineering design

July 10, 2018

Satellite communications innovator and space gateway, Goonhilly Earth Station today launched its roadmap and outlined developments which will galvanise…
An Accelerated Pipeline to Open Materials Research

July 23, 2016

ORNL workflow system unites imaging, algorithms, and HPC to advance materials discovery and design Using today’s advanced microscopes,…
Networking innovations changing the way we transfer and communicate with data

March 25, 2016

The IT revolution has truly changed the way people communicate & share data with each other, allowing them…
New app turns smartphones into worldwide seismic network

February 15, 2016

UC Berkeley scientists released a free Android app that taps a smartphone’s ability to record ground shaking from…
Record-Breaking Data Transfer Speed Achieved at Supercomputing Conference

December 21, 2015

While transferring files is a routine task most at-home users perform without much difficulty, doing the same with…
New System Giving SMAP Scientists the Speed They Need

October 31, 2015

For scientists now studying the voluminous amounts of data collected daily by NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP)…
New Frontiers of Cognitive Networking

September 28, 2015

Most of us use many devices — perhaps too many — throughout the day: A smartphone at home…
Cutting cost and power consumption for big data

July 10, 2015

Random-access memory, or RAM, is where computers like to store the data they’re working on. A processor can…
BitTorrent Sync – A Free File Sharing Service That Is 16X Faster Than The Cloud

March 5, 2015

BitTorrent Sync is P2P file sharing service which synchronizes files between connected devices to the network. Sync uses…
Ensuring security for networks of the future

January 7, 2015

Company networks are inflexible – they are made up of many components that require a good deal of…
NRL and Collaborators Conduct 100 Gigabit/Second Remote I/O Demonstration

November 24, 2014

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), in collaboration with the DOE’s Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), the International Center…
High-Speed Network to Boost Big Data Transfers by Extending 100G Connectivity across Atlantic

October 21, 2014

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Energy Sciences Network, or ESnet, is deploying four new high-speed transatlantic links,…
Protecting infrastructure with smarter CPS

September 16, 2014

Security of IT networks is continually being improved to protect against malicious hackers. Yet when IT networks interface…
Innovative millimetre wave communications to be demonstrated at London exhibition

June 11, 2014

Snapshot of millimetre wave dynamic beamforming. The algorithm selects the best beam pattern at both the base station…
NRAO, WVU Expand Broadband Data Network to Bolster Astronomy Research

April 10, 2014

Two of West Virginia’s premier research institutions, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Green Bank and West Virginia University…
Remote Troops Closer to Having High-Speed Wireless Networks Mounted on UAVs

April 8, 2014

Missions in remote, forward operating locations often suffer from a lack of connectivity to tactical operation centers and…
Peak Data – coming to a network near you

April 7, 2014

The threat of ‘peak data’ and what that could mean for the way we connect and access essential…
No chance for industrial pirates and Co.

February 17, 2014

In the future, production facilities will be able to communicate and interact with one another, and machinery will…
Catalyzing gigabit apps for learning and workforce development

February 7, 2014

Wonder how we’ll be using the Internet in five to 10 years? Take a look at Kansas City…
New approach to vertex connectivity could maximize networks’ bandwidth

December 27, 2013

Computer scientists are constantly searching for ways to squeeze ever more bandwidth from communications networks. Now a new…
Bridging big broadband gap in Australia

December 9, 2013

Despite living in the ‘Digital Age’, Australia is currently not prepared to fully take advantage of the services…
Student work fuels effort to make smartphones smarter

April 8, 2013

Most term papers are evaluated by one or two people, but Carlee Joe-Wong’s will be checked by hundreds.…
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