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Climate change: a dirt-y business

6 days ago

Groundwater is essential for growing crops, but new research shows climate change is making it harder for soil…
Researchers determine pollen abundance and diversity in five major pollinator-dependent crops

August 29, 2019

A new study provides valuable insights into pollen abundance and diversity available to honeybee colonies employed in five…
Could biological clocks in plants set the time for crop spraying?

August 21, 2019

Plants can tell the time, and this affects their responses to certain herbicides used in agriculture according to…
CSIRO protein analytics expert, Professor Michelle Colgrave. Image credit: CSIRO
Catcher of the rye: Science can now detect any gluten in any food

August 16, 2019

Scientists from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, can now detect gluten in any food and show which grain…
Novel camera system could provide cost-effective way to monitor crop temperatures, MU researchers find

August 2, 2019

A hot plant is an early warning sign of an under-watered, unhealthy plant, which makes monitoring crop temperatures…
New NSF awards target breakthrough technologies to enhance food security

July 24, 2019

Imagine crops that required less water because a “wearable sensor” could “grow” along with a plant and provide…
ORNL scientists make fundamental discovery to creating better crops

July 23, 2019

A team of scientists led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have discovered the specific…
Climate Change is Already Impacting Global Crop Yields, Especially in Food-Insecure Countries

July 15, 2019

Contrary to the idea that climate change is a calamity far off in the future, a new study…
Bison overlooked in domestication of grain crops

July 9, 2019

About 5,000 to 7,000 years ago, in river valleys and grasslands all around the world, people started to…
Sustainable secret to knee-high corn and gardens galore: human waste-based compost

July 8, 2019

A small plot of corn popped up this spring on The Ohio State University campus and, as the…
International research teams will develop better crops

June 25, 2019

A better understanding of the interaction of bacteria between plants and the microorganisms surrounding them can be part…
Stabilizing nations’ food production through crop diversity

June 21, 2019

With increasing demand for food from the planet’s growing population and climate change threatening the stability of food…
Bees Required to Create an Excellent Blueberry Crop

June 18, 2019

Getting an excellent rabbiteye blueberry harvest requires helpful pollinators—particularly native southeastern blueberry bees—although growers can bring in managed…
Combination of water scarcity and inflexible demand puts world’s river basins at risk

June 5, 2019

Nearly one-fifth of the world’s population lives in a stressed water basin where the next climate change-driven incident…
SmartFarm Innovation Network will build the farm of the future

June 3, 2019

On the farm of the future, drones will fly over forests and crops to communicate with robots embedded…
Climate change is already affecting global food production — and not equally

June 3, 2019

The world’s top 10 crops —  barley, cassava, maize, oil palm, rapeseed, rice, sorghum, soybean, sugarcane and wheat — supply a…
New research accurately predicts Australian wheat harvests months in advance

May 29, 2019

Topping the list of Australia’s major crops, wheat is grown on more than half the country’s croplands and…
The sense of water — and nitrogen: Studies uncover genome-wide responses that limit crop growth

April 10, 2019

A team of researchers has tested how each gene within the genome of rice—one of the world’s most…
Discovery to help wheat cope with salty soils

March 26, 2019

Scientists from The University of Western Australia have discovered two enzymes that explain the sensitivity of wheat plants…
Sequenced genome of ancient crop could raise yields

March 6, 2019

An international team has sequenced and mapped the genome of proso millet – a feat essential to raising…
Prehistoric food globalization spanned three millennia

February 13, 2019

Since the beginning of archaeology, researchers have combed the globe searching for evidence of the first domesticated crops.…
EU-wide initiative to ‘future proof’ our crops

January 31, 2019

Researchers at Lancaster University have joined a major European research initiative taking on the monumental challenge of ‘future…
As climate heats up, rising rainfall averages hide crop-killing droughts

January 25, 2019

Research performed in the Ethiopian highlands shows that even in years with above average rainfall, crops can be…
New analytics platform to help future-proof farms

January 22, 2019

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO and rural technology start-up Digital Agriculture Services (DAS) today launched an innovative new…
Unraveling of 58-year-old corn gene mystery may have plant-breeding implications

January 18, 2019

In discovering a mutant gene that “turns on” another gene responsible for the red pigments sometimes seen in…
Understanding enzyme could help produce frost-resistant crops

October 22, 2018

Researchers from The University of Western Australia have found that an enzyme in plants, ATP Synthase, plays a…
Scientists launch project to help predict air quality, enhance crop yields

September 13, 2018

Tracking how air moves at night near the Earth’s surface could provide insights into how air pollution spreads…
Blocking Sunlight to Cool Earth Won’t Reduce Crop Damage from Global Warming

August 9, 2018

Injecting particles into the atmosphere to cool the planet and counter the warming effects of climate change would…
Can solar energy save the bees?

August 4, 2018

In response to the population decline of pollinating insects, such as wild bees and monarch butterflies, researchers at…
360 degrees, 180 seconds: New technique speeds analysis of crop traits

June 21, 2018

Another minute passes, and on a nearby screen appears a digital 3-D image in the palette of Dr.…
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