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IRIS and Hinode: A Stellar Research Team

August 26, 2015

Modern telescopes and satellites have helped us measure the blazing hot temperatures of the sun from afar. Mostly…
Hinode, IRIS, and ATERUI cooperate on 70 year old solar mystery

August 24, 2015

Solar physicists have captured the first direct observational signatures of resonant absorption, thought to play an important role…
MOSES-2 Sounding Rocket to Investigate Coronal Heating

August 24, 2015

A NASA-funded sounding rocket is getting ready to launch to give insight into one of the biggest mysteries…
Strong Evidence For Coronal Heating Theory Presented

April 29, 2015

The sun’s surface is blisteringly hot at 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit — but its atmosphere is another 300 times…
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