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Researchers receive multi-year grants to identify genetic biomarkers of susceptibility and resistance to corneal ulcers

June 26, 2019

More than 125 million people worldwide wear contact lenses, and while many are exposed to relatively common bacteria…
Clear Advance for Corneal Regeneration

March 29, 2019

An adhesive gel packed with light-activated chemicals can seal cuts or ulcers on the cornea, the clear surface…
Scientists produced world’s first 3D printed corneas

May 31, 2018

If your cornea gets damaged because of injury or disease, your best option is transplantation. However, there is…
Groundbreaking surgery to restore eye sensation

January 19, 2018

Michigan Medicine surgeons are helping patients who have lost sensation in their cornea (link is external)regain feeling in their eye through…
NIH study finds donor corneas can be safely preserved for longer period

November 13, 2017

Results from a large, national clinical trial show that corneal donor tissue can be safely stored for 11…
Corneal Cross-Linking Helps Maintain Sight

November 24, 2016

The University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center is one of first eye centers in the nation to offer a…
Corneal Transplants – Men and Women Don’t See Eye to Eye

July 15, 2016

A new study of patients undergoing corneal transplants indicates that subtle differences between men and women may lead…
Largest-ever study of cornea condition reveals hidden risk factors

January 13, 2016

A large new study reveals previously unknown risk factors associated with an eye condition that causes serious progressive…
Eye study creates intrigue: Do other body areas sense light?

October 7, 2015

Only relatively recently, in 2002, was it proven that the retina can sense light in its role to…
Orchestrating the Healing Process in a Damaged Cornea

October 7, 2014

It is safe to say that the eye is an amazing biological system. One reason is its keratocyte…
Scientists can now screen for stem cells that enhance corneal regrowth

July 2, 2014

Discovery is expected to quickly translate into improved human therapies A Boston-based scientific collaborative, led by Harvard Stem…
Donor age not a factor in most corneal transplants

November 17, 2013

Ten years after a transplant, a cornea from a 71-year-old donor is likely to remain as healthy as…
Scientists discover new layer of the human cornea

June 12, 2013

Scientists at The University of Nottingham have discovered a previously undetected layer in the cornea, the clear window…
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