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Study finds rising ozone a hidden threat to corn

October 9, 2019

Like atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide, ground-level ozone is on the rise. But ozone, a noxious chemical byproduct…
Corn and soybean grow alongside one another in a field. Corn and soybean crop rotation provides benefits for farmers but also could reduce soil organic matter, according to new research from ISU scientists. Image credit: Steven Hall.
Corn and soybean rotation could pose long-term tradeoffs for soil health

October 3, 2019

Rotating corn and soybeans, a widely used practice among Midwest farmers, potentially could contribute to long-term declines in…
Biologists Untangle Growth and Defense in Maize, Define Key Antibiotic Pathways

September 24, 2019

In order to meet the demands of growing human populations, agricultural production must double within the next 30…
No need to baby your corn to get miniature ears

July 30, 2019

If you grow corn in your home garden, then you might want to harvest fresh “baby” corn ears…
Wheat harvest at the ARS Central Great Plains Research Station in Akron, Colorado. Illustration by Scott Bauer/ARS USDA
Helping Wheat and Corn Producers Target their Fertilizer Needs

July 17, 2019

A few years ago, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Akron, Colorado began noticing a pattern to their…
Innovative Cornstarch Makes Products Sustainable and ‘Green’

July 9, 2019

At the 2019 BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and AgTech in Des Moines, Iowa, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) chemist Gordon…
Sustainable secret to knee-high corn and gardens galore: human waste-based compost

July 8, 2019

A small plot of corn popped up this spring on The Ohio State University campus and, as the…
Phenols in purple corn fight diabetes, obesity, inflammation in mouse cells

April 18, 2019

Scientists at the University of Illinois have developed new hybrids of purple corn containing different combinations of phytochemicals…
Experiments underscore overlooked aspect of defending corn from pest

February 28, 2019

The Nebraska study showed that spraying a corn plant with one of its own compounds — 12-oxo-phytodienoic acid,…
Genes to proteins: Efforts enriching nutrition of popcorn, sorghum

February 19, 2019

The quality of protein often gets overshadowed amid the spotlight on its quantity. But that quality — the…
More nutritious, better tasting, non-GMO “orange corn” launches in US markets

February 7, 2019

Naturally bred corn has abundance of antioxidant carotenoids with ‘nutty, buttery flavor’ “Orange corn,” a more nutritious, naturally…
Unraveling of 58-year-old corn gene mystery may have plant-breeding implications

January 18, 2019

In discovering a mutant gene that “turns on” another gene responsible for the red pigments sometimes seen in…
Walter Suza hopes a review of 58 scientific studies related to Bt corn and biotechnology will encourage more African nations implement technology capable of helping farmers combat emergent pests such as the fall armyworm. Photo by Bob Elbert, Iowa State University
Anti-GMO sentiment has repercussions for developing world

December 12, 2018

Anti-GMO sentiment holds back agricultural advancement in the developing world, but an Iowa State University agronomist hopes his…
Consider Corn Challenge II

November 21, 2018

U.S. corn represents a sustainably produced, economically competitive, and extremely flexible feedstock for bioproducts.  U.S. corn farmers continue…
Farmer adjustments offset climate change impacts in corn production

November 13, 2018

There is widespread concern that global warming will have a strong negative effect on crop yields. Recent research published…
Sweet corn breeding set to make strides with USDA-funded project

September 28, 2018

Sweet corn breeding has lagged behind advances in field corn due to its smaller market footprint, but an…
Researchers use crowdsourcing to speed up data analysis in corn plants

August 29, 2018

Teaching a machine to finish a complex task can save humans a lot of time, effort and money.…
Corn that acquires its own nitrogen identified, reducing need for fertilizer

August 14, 2018

A public-private collaboration of researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the University of California, Davis, and Mars Inc.,…
Warmer climate will dramatically increase the volatility of global corn crops

June 15, 2018

Corn, or maize, is the most widely grown crop in the world. Used in food, cooking oil, industrialized…
Study: Climate effects on ag yields vary by location, crop

March 30, 2018

The new Nebraska study suggests that climate shifts between 1968 and 2013 drove about 25 percent of the…
Crops Hold Onto Harmful Mutations That Reduce Productivity

March 21, 2018

Limits on improving yield and other critical traits in maize likely are due to rare harmful mutations genetically…
Corn genetics provides insight into the crop’s historical spread across the Americas

December 15, 2017

Iowa State University scientists have taken a journey through the past by studying the genetic changes in corn…
New study: Corn’s environmental impact varies greatly across the U.S.

September 7, 2017

It’s well known that meat has a high environmental impact, largely because of the amount of corn animals…
App helps farmers make the most of their corn harvest

September 1, 2017

A new tool developed at the University of Wisconsin–Madison could save farmers time and money during the fall…
Precision breeding needed to adapt corn to climate change

August 4, 2017

The US Corn Belt and European maize owe their existence to a historic change: the ability of this…
Taking the genomic revolution to corn fields to improve crops

July 26, 2017

“Having the sequence of a genome is like having the blueprint of a house,” says Natalia de Leon,…
Corn better used as food than biofuel, study finds

June 21, 2017

Corn is grown not only for food; it is also used as an important renewable energy source. But…
Detailed new ‘reference’ genome for maize shows the plant has deep resources for continued adaptation

June 16, 2017

A new, much more detailed reference genome for maize, or corn, as it is called in the U.S.,…
Fighting World Hunger: Researchers Use Nuclear Methods to Study Pest-Resistance in Corn Plants

December 13, 2016

According to estimates, the current global population is more than 7.4 billion people and is growing at a…
Reaching back through centuries of cultivation to track how corn adapted to different elevations and environments

September 20, 2016

An Iowa State University scientist is attempting to peel back centuries of adaptations in corn to gain a…
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