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Buying Less Trumps “Buying Green” in Terms of Environmental Impact and Subjective Well-Being

October 15, 2019

In addition to more substantial, large-scale economic and social change, alternative modes of consumption have long been indicated…
Public Response to New Technologies in Food Depends on the Type of Tech

July 15, 2015

There’s a lot of interest in how the public will respond to incorporating new technologies, such as nanotechnology…
The brain in the supermarket

March 27, 2015

Say you’re out shopping for basic household goods — perhaps orange juice and soup. Or light bulbs. Or…
Knowledgeable consumers more likely to buy when given fewer options

July 23, 2014

The degree to which consumers perceive themselves to be knowledgeable about a product influences the likelihood that they…
Bring or buy: would you let your child take their tablet to school?

February 24, 2014

As schools struggle with shortfalls in their digital technology budgets and as teachers see how much parents spend…
Concerned researchers project global solid waste to peak at 11 million tons per day in 2100

October 31, 2013

Credit: (c) Nature Publishing Group, Nature 502, 615–617 (31 October 2013) doi:10.1038/502615a Daniel Hoornweg associate professor at the University of…
The ocean is not broken, but consumer behaviour is

October 23, 2013

In an emotional article making waves on social media at the moment, yachtsman Ivan Macfadyen reports seeing no marine life…
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