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Researchers identify how to find best and worse colours for camouflage

June 3, 2019

Avoiding detection can provide significant survival advantages for prey, predators, or the military. For the first time, scientists…
Deep sea fish can detect colour in the dark

May 14, 2019

A team of international researchers has found that deep-sea fish have developed surprisingly diverse vision that enables them…
Why most cruise ships and luxury yachts are white, while container ships are all kinds of colours?

July 6, 2018

Container ships and all other kinds of cargo and fishing ships are all kinds of colours – their…
LED light bulbs need describing in new ways

July 27, 2017

The Ra index is a set of values that describe light quality. However, the index stems from the…
Eyes of bees can help us develop better cameras

July 5, 2017

Scientists are always looking to nature for inspiration. There are no better designs than the ones created by…
You can’t be very tough in a bright yellow car – how people choose car colours and how car manufacturers predict that

May 20, 2017

You may not want to admit this, but car colour is extremely important. You would rather drive an…
Magic ink from the nano world

March 2, 2017

Plasmonic printing produces resolutions several times greater than conventional printing methods. In plasmonic printing, colours are formed on…
New colors, a new world of pigments continue to evolve from accidental blue discovery

September 29, 2016

A bright blue compound that was first discovered by accident seven years ago in an Oregon State University…
Lizards camouflage themselves by choosing rocks that best match the colour of their backs

January 25, 2016

Resting out in the open on rocks can be a risky business for Aegean wall lizards. Out in…
True colors: Using molecular analysis to clarify dino color claims

October 10, 2015

The color of dinosaurs is a fascinating topic, and in recent years the discovery of melanosomes – small,…
Brilliant colors from environmentally friendly crystals

October 4, 2015

Quantum dots have made it possible to substantially increase color quality in LCD displays. However, these cadmium-based nanocrystals…
People worldwide – even nomads in Tanzania – think of colors the same way

September 11, 2015

Would a color by any other name be thought of in the same way, regardless of the language…
Going Chameleon: What a New Material that Changes Color as it Moves Means for Humans

July 19, 2015

We’ve all probably experienced a moment when we envied a chameleon’s ability to blend into the background—say, after…
Putting maths on the map with the four colour theorem

August 30, 2013

Recently, as a community ambassador for ANU Student Equity, I took to a local secondary school to talk maths…
Color-identification technology is a game-changer in manufacturing

March 12, 2013

An easy-to-make rainbow filter that could help users identify the true color of everything from paint to medicine…
Biologists Produce Rainbow-Colored Algae

March 8, 2013

What can green algae do for science if they weren’t, well, green? That’s the question biologists at UC San…
Research reveals insects’ colorful past

March 7, 2013

An international research team led by Yale University scientists has for the first time explained the preservation of…
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