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Immune System Targets Vitamin B12 Pathway to Neutralize Tuberculosis Bacteria

November 6, 2019

Close to 1.8 billion people worldwide are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), the common and occasionally deadly bacterium that causes millions…
Study highlights danger of vitamin B12 deficiency

March 18, 2019

Using roundworms, one of Earth’s simplest animals, Rice University bioscientists have found the first direct link between a…
Researchers locate the body’s largest cell receptor

January 7, 2019

A giant toadstool that swallow up vitamins and nutrients in the intestines and kidneys. This is how the…
A thief in our midst: scientists find microbiota proteins that rob us of our vitamins

September 20, 2018

While most of us pay little attention to the food we eat after chewing and swallowing, the next…
Low iron, vitamin B12 reserves linked to behavior concerns in young boys

April 25, 2018

Significant iron deficiency and low blood levels of vitamin B12 in boys around age 8 are associated with…
Low Levels of Vitamin B12 May Worsen Walking, Cognition in Parkinson’s Patients

March 13, 2018

A study of patients with early Parkinson’s disease found that groups with lower levels of vitamin B12 faced…
Epigenetic alteration of a vitamin B12 processing gene shines new light on our understanding of rare diseases

February 6, 2018

Rare hereditary recessive diseases were thought to be expressed in offspring only when both parents carry a mutation…
Low Levels of Vitamin B12 in Pregnancy May Increase the Risk of Preterm Birth, Study Finds

February 20, 2017

Nutrition during pregnancy affects the growing fetus, and identifying appropriate nutritional supplementation in pregnancy has been a hot…
Vitamin B-12, and a knockoff version, create complex market for marine vitamins

January 19, 2017

The New Year is a busy time for pharmacies and peddlers of all health-related products. In the oceans,…
You don’t eat meat? Scientists invented a new way to get the needed B12

January 4, 2017

Vitamin B12 is extremely useful for our health. It helps cell division, blood cell formation and promotes stron…
Developing a sensor for vitamin B12 deficiency

October 18, 2016

University of Adelaide researchers have developed a world-first optical sensor that can detect vitamin B12 in diluted human…
Residents of long-term care homes usually suffer from B12 deficiency

January 20, 2016

B12 vitamin is important for haematopoiesis and for healthy nervous system. However, maintaining good levels of B12 is…
A natural light switch

September 29, 2015

MIT scientists, working with colleagues in Spain, have discovered and mapped a light-sensing protein that uses vitamin B12…
Benefits of Vitamin B12 supplements for older people questioned

July 3, 2015

Around one sixth of people in the UK aged over 75 have vitamin B12 deficiency, which when severe…
Lack of vitamin B12 can cause trouble in school

May 16, 2015

Vitamin B12 deficiency in elementary school children from Bogotá, Colombia, was strongly associated with the students having to…
Taking B vitamins won’t prevent Alzheimer’s disease

July 20, 2014

Taking B vitamins doesn’t slow mental decline as we age, nor is it likely to prevent Alzheimer’s disease,…
Vitamin B12 accelerates worm development

February 14, 2014

Chemical structure of vitamin B12. Credit: Wikipedia Everyday our cells take in nutrients from food and convert them…
Preventing vitamin B12 deficiency among vegetarians, vegans and the elderly

July 19, 2013

Older people, vegetarians and vegans should take special care to get enough vitamin B12 through changes in their diets,…
Improved Vitamin B12 Test May Help Young and Old Alike

May 2, 2013

In the United States, the very young and the elderly are among the groups at risk of becoming…
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