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Clay minerals call the shots with carbon

October 15, 2019

Clay minerals suspended in seawater binds sedimentary organic carbon to their mineral surfaces. But the quantity of carbon…
Sandia research focuses on ‘switching on’ iron in clay minerals

October 14, 2019

Work identifies chemical mechanism that shows how iron in soils can immobilize arsenic Sandia National Laboratories researchers have…
Clay fights MRSA, other ‘superbugs’ in wounds

August 23, 2018

The use of mud or wet clay as a topical skin treatment, or poultice, is a common practice…
Clay mineral waters Earth’s mantle from inside

December 4, 2017

The first observation of a super-hydrated phase of the clay mineral kaolinite could improve the understanding of processes…
Scientists discover how blue and green clays kill bacteria

January 9, 2016

Since prehistoric times, humans have used clays for medicinal purposes. Whether through ingestion, mud baths, or as a…
Study finds evidence for more recent clay formation on Mars

December 15, 2015

Recent orbital and rover missions to Mars have turned up ample evidence of clays and other hydrated minerals…
Clay makes better high-temp batteries

November 11, 2015

A unique combination of materials developed at Rice University, including a clay-based electrolyte, may solve a problem for…
Chimps use clay to detox and as a mineral supplement

July 30, 2015

The paper led by the University of Oxford describes how the researchers observed wild chimpanzees in the Budongo…
Treating chronic kidney disease using clay minerals

January 6, 2014

Clay has healing powers. This natural product is destined to help treat chronic kidney disease: a well-tolerated agent…
Before cells, biochemicals may have combined in clay

November 12, 2013

Clay – a seemingly infertile blend of minerals – might have been the birthplace of life on Earth.…
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