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New route to carbon-neutral fuels from carbon dioxide discovered


If the idea of flying on battery-powered commercial jets makes you nervous, you can relax a little. Researchers…
Betting on Waste

September 11, 2019

Most of the materials that maintain our modern lives — fuels, pharmaceuticals and other commodity chemicals — come…
Plant Research Could Benefit Wastewater Treatment, Biofuels and Antibiotics

September 6, 2019

Chinese and Rutgers scientists have discovered how aquatic plants cope with water pollution, a major ecological question that…
Why transporters really matter for cell factories

September 4, 2019

Scientists discover the secret behind some protein transporters’ superiority. One transporter, MAE1, can export organic acids out of…

August 30, 2019

Algae-based feedstocks have shown tremendous potential in providing a safe, secure and locally available source of drop-in liquid…
Scientists might be on the edge of breakthrough in cancer treatment – they synthesized a mushroom compound

August 28, 2019

Finding cure to cancer is a major goal for the scientific community. Although we’ve seen major advancements, the…
The ribosome (center) is the core of the translational system illustrated here. The system reads DNA via RNA and turns it into proteins to make all beings live. Image credit: National Science Foundation, public domain
Scientists take big step towards producing novel polymers in living cells

June 27, 2019

A team of Yale chemists is one step closer to using the ribosome — the cell’s protein-making factory…
Artificial photosynthesis transforms carbon dioxide into liquefiable fuels

May 29, 2019

Chemists at the University of Illinois have successfully produced fuels using water, carbon dioxide and visible light through…
Electrode’s ‘hot edges’ convert CO₂ gas into fuels and chemicals

May 15, 2019

The bowl-shaped design can efficiently convert CO₂ from gas into carbon based fuels and chemicals, helping combat the…
Industry-ready process makes plastics chemical from plant sugars

May 7, 2019

Developing renewable, plant-based alternatives for petroleum-derived chemicals is a major piece of the effort to transition away from…
Researchers create artificial mother-of-pearl using bacteria

April 30, 2019

The strongest synthetic materials are often those that intentionally mimic nature. One natural substance scientists have looked to…
Reducing energy required to convert CO2 waste into valuable resources

April 24, 2019

Surplus industrial carbon dioxide creates an opportunity to convert waste into a valuable commodity. Excess CO2 can be…
Grad-undergrad student duo pursues sustainable methane conversion methods

April 18, 2019

Two University of Virginia student researchers are seeking a better way to convert methane, the main component of…
Bacterial factories could manufacture high-performance proteins for space missions

April 5, 2019

Nature has evolved protein-based substances with mechanical properties that rival even the best synthetic materials. For example, pound…
An LLNL team 3D printed live yeast cells on lattices.
3D-printed live cells convert glucose to ethanol, carbon dioxide to enhance catalytic efficiency

March 6, 2019

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have 3D printed live cells that convert glucose to ethanol and carbon…
Nitrogen gets in the fast lane for chemical synthesis

February 18, 2019

Rice University scientists have given organic chemists a boost with their latest discovery of a one-step method to…
Chemists harness power of light to tackle asymmetrical molecules

February 11, 2019

Just like people, molecules can be left- or right-handed. No, molecules do not actually have hands. But scientists…
Submarines spend months submerged – where do they get oxygen and drinking water from?

February 4, 2019

Nuclear submarines can spend months without emerging to the surface. This poses a lot of problems to the…
Getting yeast to make artificial sweets

January 28, 2019

The holiday season can be a time of excess, but low- or no-calorie sweeteners could help merry-makers stay…
Researchers gain control over soft-molecule synthesis

January 15, 2019

By gaining control over shape, size and composition during synthetic molecule assembly, researchers can begin to probe how…
Creating flavours and fragrances from “shiki” cell factories

January 11, 2019

A big new EU project called SHIKIFACTORY100 aims at producing more than 100 high value compounds and chemicals…
Using bacteria to produce fluorinated products sustainably

January 8, 2019

A new EU-project will focus on engineering bacteria to produce fluorinated compounds. Currently, these compounds can only be…
Potential New Way to Boost Biofuels and Bioproducts Production

November 28, 2018

Researchers gain understanding of central metabolism of bacteria and yeast species commonly used in biotechnology. Researchers at the…
Creating rings in natural antibiotic synthesis

November 27, 2018

Scientists at the University of Bristol have revealed the secrets of the key ring forming cascade in the…
Chemical synthesis could produce more potent antibiotics

November 6, 2018

Using a novel type of chemical reaction, MIT researchers have shown that they can modify antibiotics in a…
Researchers develop, test new system for making biorenewable chemicals

October 18, 2018

Researchers will test a new way of producing biobased chemicals that’s backed by 10 years of working in…
Harvesting solar fuels through a bacterium’s unusual appetite for gold

October 16, 2018

A bacterium named Moorella thermoacetica won’t work for free. But UC Berkeley researchers have figured out it has an…
Enhancement of piezoelectric properties in organic polymers all in the molecules

October 5, 2018

The inability to alter intrinsic piezoelectric behavior in organic polymers hampers their application in flexible, wearable and biocompatible…
New, highly stable catalyst may help turn water into fuel

October 1, 2018

Breaking the bonds between oxygen and hydrogen in water could be a key to the creation of hydrogen…
NASA Centennial Challenge: CO2 Conversion

September 14, 2018

When astronauts begin exploring Mars, they’ll need to use local resources, freeing up launch cargo space for other…
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