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Protection for pacemakers

November 21, 2019

ETH scientists have developed a special protective membrane made of cellulose that significantly reduces the build-up of fibrotic…
Biodegradable alternative to replace microplastics in cosmetics and toiletries

August 12, 2019

Plastic microbeads were banned from shower gels and toothpaste in the UK last year, but could still be…
Image credit: Amir J Bidhendi & Anja Geitmann.
Puzzling shapes: unlocking the mysteries of plant cell morphology

August 9, 2019

The discovery of the mechanics and molecular mechanism that dictate cell shape formation in plants by a team…
Researchers Develop High-Tech Wood Characterised by Durability Comparable to that of Steel

May 27, 2019

A group of researchers from the U.S. and China have developed a new material they refer to as…
Larger molecules, fewer traffic jams, faster biomass degradation

March 22, 2019

Biofuel and biochemical production may soon become ten times faster thanks to research on the breakdown of biomass.…
Hairy nanotechnology provides green anti-scaling solution

November 8, 2018

A new type of cellulose nanoparticle, invented by McGill University researchers, is at the heart of a more…
World’s strongest bio-material outperforms steel and spider silk

May 16, 2018

Novel method transfers superior nanoscale mechanics to macroscopic fibres. At DESY’s X-ray light source PETRA III, a team…
Elephant and cow manure for making paper sustainably

April 10, 2018

It’s likely not the first thing you think of when you see elephant dung, but this material turns…
New insights could indicate how to break apart cellulose for biofuels

March 28, 2018

A comprehensive look at how plants build cellulose, the primary building block of the walls of most plant…
Firebrats could hold the key to a more efficient way of breaking down cellulose for biofuels

February 22, 2018

A lot of current scientific advancements have been made by scientists looking into nature. Now scientists at the…
Hokusai’s blue, cellulose nanofibers join forces to clean up disaster areas

October 16, 2017

By combining the same Prussian blue pigment used in the works of popular Edo-period artist Hokusai and cellulose…
Scientists make biodegradable microbeads from cellulose

June 9, 2017

Scientists and engineers from the University of Bath have developed biodegradable cellulose microbeads from a sustainable source that…
3-D printing with cellulose

March 4, 2017

For centuries, cellulose has formed the basis of the world’s most abundantly printed-on material: paper. Now, thanks to…
Turning ubiquitous lignin into high-value chemicals

September 19, 2016

Sandia researchers decode metabolic pathway of soil bacterium that thrives on lignin Abundant, chock full of energy and…
Uniform “Hairy” Nanorods Have Potential Energy, Biomedical Applications

September 16, 2016

Materials scientists have developed a new strategy for crafting one-dimensional nanorods from a wide range of precursor materials.…
Chemistry lessons from bacteria may improve biofuel production

June 14, 2016

If you’re made of carbon, precious few things are as important to life as death. A dead tree…
New understanding of plant growth brings promise of tailored products for industry

June 10, 2016

Scientists have identified new steps in the way plants produce cellulose, the component of plant cell walls that…
Clothing made from tea byproduct could improve health of fashion industry

April 27, 2016

Rows of shallow plastic bins cover nearly every available space inside one of the textile and clothing labs…
One-Stop Shop for Biofuels

January 16, 2016

The falling price of gasoline at the pumps may warm the hearts of consumers but it chills the…
Study: Bacteria attack lignin with enzymatic tag team

January 7, 2016

The molecules that impart strength to paper, bamboo and wood-frame buildings — lignin and cellulose — have long…
Anatomy of a microscopic wood chipper: how an individual cellulase enzyme operates

December 21, 2015

TrCel7a is a cellulase: a special enzyme that breaks down cellulose, the most plentiful natural polymer on the…
Newton’s cradle proton relay in cellulase

September 15, 2015

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated that during cellulose catalysis by cellulase produced by wood-degrading fungi,…
Bacterial boost makes biofuel production more efficient

July 4, 2015

A team of investigators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Michigan State University have created a process for…
Cellulose used in 3D printing for the first time

June 22, 2015

3D printer started a manufacturing revolution and is still advancing rapidly. There are robots printing steal bridges, printers…
Cellulose with Braille for cells

January 22, 2015

The human immune system distinguishes between endogenous and foreign bodies. This is highly useful when defending the body…
Studies Steadily Advance Cellulosic Ethanol Prospects

October 15, 2014

The potential for producing cost-effective cellulosic ethanol that uses plentiful and sustainable cellulosic plant biomass continues to grow,…
Researchers develop novel method for making electrical cellulose fibers

October 1, 2014

By using liquid salts during formation instead of harsh chemicals, fibers that conduct electricity can be strengthened, according…
Stronger than steel

June 2, 2014

A Swedish-German research team has successfully tested a new method for the production of ultra-strong cellulose fibres at…
Grasping substrate tenaciously more important than speed in crystalline cellulose degradation

March 26, 2014

Cellulose is one of the main components of the plant cell wall and the most abundant biopolymer on…
Update: Cellulose nanocrystals possible ‘green’ wonder material

December 20, 2013

The same tiny cellulose crystals that give trees and plants their high strength, light weight and resilience, have…
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