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New filter could advance terahertz data transmission

March 2, 2015

University of Utah engineers have discovered a new approach for designing filters capable of separating different frequencies in…
Animated videos bring Ebola education to West Africa

February 20, 2015

In early 2014, just before Ebola surged in West Africa, leaders of Scientific Animations Without Borders visited with…
Quantum cryptography for mobile phones

April 4, 2014

An ultra-high security scheme that could one day get quantum cryptography using Quantum Key Distribution into mobile devices…
Tech makes couples closer despite tensions

February 12, 2014

A woman texts a message on Jauary 26, 2010 in Washington, DC Technology helps bring married couples closer…
US official admits testing US cellphone tracking

October 3, 2013

National Security Agency chief Gen. Keith Alexander revealed Wednesday that his spy agency once tested whether it could…
Researchers use mobile phones to measure happiness

August 23, 2013

Researchers at Princeton University are developing ways to use mobile phones to explore how one’s environment influences one’s…
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