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Initiative Will Create Coursework for Cell Manufacturing Workers

January 29, 2019

An 18-month federally-sponsored project led by the Georgia Institute of Technology will develop much-needed curriculum to train workers…
New method to more efficiently generate brain stem cells

November 22, 2018

In two recently published papers, a scientific team at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine reports on…
Microfluidic Molecular Exchanger Helps Control Therapeutic Cell Manufacturing

October 12, 2018

Researchers have demonstrated an integrated technique for monitoring specific biomolecules – such as growth factors – that could…
The biotech industry should change production methods?

June 28, 2018

The biotech industry uses living organisms, such as fungi, bacteria and microbes to produce a wide range of…
DIY brings high throughput to continuous cell culturing

June 12, 2018

Rice University’s Caleb Bashor never planned to be an inventor or do-it-yourselfer, but there was no other way…
NIST Patents First DNA Method to Authenticate Mouse Cell Lines

February 28, 2017

“A case of mistaken identity” may drive the plot of the latest spy film or crime novel, but…
Vaccines from a reactor

March 10, 2015

In the event of an impending global flu pandemic, vaccine production could quickly reach its limits, as flu…
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