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New Efficient, Low-Temperature Catalyst for Converting Water and CO to Hydrogen Gas and CO2

June 23, 2017

Low-temperature “water gas shift” reaction produces high levels of pure hydrogen for potential applications, including fuel cells Scientists…
Artificial photosynthesis steps into the light

March 27, 2017

Rice University scientists have created an efficient, simple-to-manufacture oxygen-evolution catalyst that pairs well with semiconductors for solar water…
Fundamental discovery slashes energy cost of chemical reactions

June 28, 2016

In research that could one day allow fuel cells to be fueled by biomass rather than hydrogen gas,…
Researchers use strain to engineer first high-performance, two-way oxide catalyst

May 28, 2016

Catalysts make chemical reactions more likely to occur. In most cases, a catalyst that’s good at driving chemical…
Catalyst could make production of key chemical more eco-friendly

April 14, 2016

The world has more carbon dioxide than it needs, and a team of Brown University chemists has come…
New Class of Molecular ‘Lightbulbs’ Illuminate MRI

March 26, 2016

Duke University researchers have taken a major step towards realizing a new form of MRI that could record…
Better Catalytic Converter: A New Tool for Emission Control

January 23, 2016

Two UConn researchers have developed a technology that promises big improvements on one of the most common and…
Cobalt atoms on graphene a powerful combo

October 22, 2015

Graphene doped with nitrogen and augmented with cobalt atoms has proven to be an effective, durable catalyst for…
Let there be hydrogen

October 17, 2015

Humanity’s need for energy is ever-increasing. However, the traditional energy sources are finite. In contrast, water and sunlight…
Southampton chemists create switchable gold catalyst

September 24, 2015

A gold catalyst whose behaviour can be controlled by the addition of acid or metal ion cofactors has…
New ORNL catalyst addresses engine efficiency, emissions quandary

September 15, 2015

A catalyst being developed by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory could overcome one…
Laser-burned graphene gains metallic powers

August 21, 2015

Rice University chemists who developed a unique form of graphene have found a way to embed metallic nanoparticles…
New catalyst to create chemical building blocks from biomass

February 24, 2015

University of Tokyo researchers have developed a novel selective catalyst that allows the creation of several basic chemicals…
Computational clues into the structure of a promising energy conversion catalyst

December 19, 2014

  Hydrogen fuel is a promising source of clean energy that can be produced by splitting water into…
Nanostructured metal-oxide catalyst efficiently converts CO2 to methanol

August 1, 2014

Dario Stacchiola and Kumudu Mudiyanselage make notes in the data log while Fang Xu (seated) and Jose Rodriguez…
New catalyst paves the way for eco-friendly fuel

July 15, 2014

Fuel cells are an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel and gasoline engines. Unfortunately, fuel cells use a platinum…
Locally produced methanol moves a step closer

June 16, 2014

Assistant Professor Christian Danvad Damsgaard from DTU Physics and DTU Cen has received nearly 2.6 million DKK for…
Ionic liquid boosts efficiency of CO2 reduction catalyst

June 9, 2014

Yasuo Matsubara and David Grills Wouldn’t it be nice to use solar- or wind-generated electricity to turn excess…
First view of nature-inspired catalyst after ripping hydrogen apart provides insights for better, cheaper fuel cells

April 28, 2014

Neutron crystallography shows this iron catalyst gripping two hydrogen atoms (red spheres). This arrangement allows an uncommon dihydrogen…
Scientists draw unified picture of alcohol’s interactions with early transition metal oxide catalysts

March 18, 2014

Scientists draw unified picture of alcohol’s interactions with early transition metal oxide catalysts   Results: Based on 8 years…
Researchers report on new catalyst to convert greenhouse gases into chemicals

February 3, 2014

A team of researchers at the University of Delaware has developed a highly selective catalyst capable of electrochemically…
Update: Engineers teach old chemical new tricks to make cleaner fuels, fertilizers

January 27, 2014

University researchers from two continents have engineered an efficient and environmentally friendly catalyst for the production of molecular…
Atomic-scale catalysts may produce cheap hydrogen

January 23, 2014

Researchers at North Carolina State University have shown that a one-atom thick film of molybdenum sulfide (MoS2) may…
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