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’Batman’ yeast makes fruity, milky food flavours

December 3, 2019

Researchers have engineered yeast to make fruity, milky flavours in a one-step process. Making these lovely smelling flavours…
Audi continues to improve workplace ergonomics and productivity with exoskeletons

December 22, 2017

Some people think that working in a car factory is an amazing experience. You get to see a…
Ford is testing an exoskeleton vest to improve assembly line worker ergonomics and safety

November 11, 2017

Car factory workers often have to work overhead. You probably noticed that changing a light bulb can give…
Audi’s new employee KLARA will work hand in hand with its human colleague without a safety barrier

August 4, 2017

Audi is currently working very hard to prepare its production facilities for the future. While robots have been…
Water slide for aluminium – see how Ford recycles 9 thousand tons of metal every month

April 23, 2017

All of us have to recycle – it really does help our planet and humanity. However, recycling in…
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