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Newly devised static negative capacitor could improve computing

April 10, 2019

Static negative capacitors could yield more energy-efficient computers. With a little physics ingenuity, scientists have designed a way…
Researchers Use Machine Learning To More Quickly Analyze Key Capacitor Materials

March 8, 2019

Capacitors, given their high energy output and recharging speed, could play a major role in powering the machines…
GraphON coated catalytic static mixer. Credit: CSIRO
GraphON: Conductive coatings & materials

February 20, 2019

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has created a breakthrough new form of graphitic material that’s conductive, easy to…
Why some dash cameras have batteries while others use capacitors?

December 29, 2018

Dash cameras are extremely useful. They can capture the moment when an accident happens and this recording can…
Nano-supercapacitors for electric cars

July 2, 2014

Innovative nano-material based supercapacitors are set to bring mass market appeal a good step closer to the lukewarm…
Oxide nanosheets trump current state-of-the art capacitor materials

March 20, 2014

Schematic illustration (left) and cross-sectional high-resolution TEM image (right) of the all-nanosheet ultrathin capacitor. Electronics are getting smaller…
Chunky mobile devices? Soft graphene could help you downsize

August 28, 2013

The world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material – graphene – can boost energy storage capacity by almost threefold. Argonne…
Designer Glue Improves Lithium-ion Battery Life

August 21, 2013

When it comes to improving the performance of lithium-ion batteries, no part should be overlooked – not even…
Magnetic switching simplified

August 8, 2013

An international team of researchers has described a new physical effect that could be used to develop more…
Manganese dioxide nanorod technology could lead to a better capacitor

April 17, 2013

A new process for growing forests of manganese dioxide nanorods may lead to the next generation of high-performance…
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