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New anti-bullying effort, based on bystander intervention, seeks teen input

November 8, 2019

The University at Buffalo’s Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention has earned a $1.38 million grant to develop…
Children with Autism are more likely to be bullied at school and at home

July 22, 2019

If you’ve ever been bullied, you know how terrible it is. Bullies pick on everything – from your…
Some children are more likely to suffer depression long after being bullied

July 2, 2019

Some young adults who were bullied as a child could have a greater risk of ongoing depression due…
For teens, online bullying worsens sleep and depression

May 13, 2019

Teens who experience cyberbullying are more likely to suffer from poor sleep, which in turn raises levels of…
Study finds parents unsure how to handle cyberbullying

February 21, 2019

Parents know they need to work with their child’s school to prevent cyberbullying, but a new study from…
Binge eating and smoking linked to bullying and sexual abuse

January 14, 2019

People who ever suffered bullying or sexual abuse have a lower quality of life similar to those living…
Bullying and sexual abuse push people to harmful behaviours, such as binge eating

January 11, 2019

Psychological traumas and abuse leave scars in people‘s lives. There is no doubt that these people typically are…
A Tool to Combat Bullying

January 9, 2019

For a group of Harvard researchers, communication and intervention are the keys to a new tool designed to…
Back-to-school worries for parents? 1 in 3 very concerned bullying, cyberbullying will impact their kids

August 23, 2017

Parents may also experience some nerves as their children prepare to head back to school. Bullying and cyberbullying…
Bullied students report higher access to a loaded gun

June 30, 2017

School-age adolescents who experience bullying are three times more likely to report access to a loaded gun, according…
Unmasking female-centered bullying in schools

June 19, 2017

The two high school girls, one black and one white, exchanged heated words in the cafeteria until the…
Did you know that New Zealand is notoriously bad for cyberbullying? Whose fault is it?

March 9, 2017

Cyberbullying is very much real and harmful. Many people are thinking it is not a serious problem, because…
New intervention program reduces bullying in early childhood

March 10, 2016

Physical and relational bullying can happen among children as young as 3- to 5-years-old, but the results of…
Exclusion more harmful to teens than overt bullying

September 4, 2015

A UQ researcher has found that social exclusion among teens can be more harmful than direct bullying. UQ’s…
Partnership for $3.4 million grant on high-risk youth

August 20, 2015

Scientists at the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions will collaborate with UB’s Alberti Center for Bullying…
Sexting and Internet safety climb top 10 list of health concerns for children across the U.S.

August 11, 2015

With more kids online and using cell phones at increasingly younger ages, two issues have quickly climbed higher…
Victims of childhood bullying at higher risk of cardiovascular disease in later life

May 20, 2015

People who experienced bullying in childhood are more likely to be overweight and show higher levels of blood…
Lack of safety at school and poverty linked to childhood obesity

April 30, 2015

A lack of safety at school is one of the correlates of childhood obesity, say researchers at the…
Bullied girls, but not boys, benefit from mom’s support

April 3, 2015

Children who are bullied become tolerant of aggressive and antisocial behavior, such as cheating, lying or being cruel…
One in three teenage boys experiencing sexual assault tries to take his own life, study finds

April 3, 2015

A psychologist studying the symbiotic role that sexual assault and obesity play in attempted suicide among teens has…
Program reduces bullying by students with disabilities, study finds

April 1, 2015

Bullying perpetration decreased by 20 percent over a three-year period among youths with disabilities who participated in a…
Social sensing game detects classroom bullies

November 20, 2014

A social computer game designed by researchers in computer science and educational psychology at the University of Illinois…
Remember when you believed anything and everything?

July 3, 2014

Children’s tendencies to being tricked, fooled and misled by their peers are being investigated by researchers from The…
Families can play key role against bullying

July 1, 2014

A University of Queensland study has shown that families can be more effective in protecting children from bullying…
Social inequalities cause bullying, study shows

June 26, 2014

A new study, conducted by Claire F. Garandeau and her associates, shows that status hierarchy among classmates increases…
Sexist or not, taking pictures of women eating on the tube is simply bullying

April 17, 2014

Please mind the gap and leave fellow passengers to enjoy their lunch. ben.snider, CC BY People rushing for a bus.…
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