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Single protein plays important dual shipping role in the brain

August 16, 2019

Just as a packaging breakdown can hamstring delivery of cables, switches and connectors to a house under construction,…
Researchers discover the science behind giving up

July 26, 2019

What happens when we give up? Inside the brain, a group of cells known as nociceptin neurons get…
There’s more to smell than meets the nose

July 23, 2019

How do animals smell? Scientists haven’t quite decoded it yet, but researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)…
Multiple Sclerosis Attacks Brain’s ‘Projection Neurons’

July 18, 2019

Brain damage associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) specifically targets a common class of brain cells called projection neurons,…
Protein Clumps in ALS Neurons Provide Potential Target for New Therapies

July 3, 2019

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurological condition that affects motor neurons — the nerve cells that control…
Unraveling the brain’s reward circuits

July 3, 2019

To some, a chocolate cake may spark a shot of pleasure typically associated with illicit drugs. A new…
The fractal brain, from a single neuron’s perspective

June 18, 2019

Hacking into brain signals may be more straightforward than once thought. Physicists studying the brain at Washington University…
Exercise fine-tunes brain’s connections, eases autism spectrum disorder in mouse model

June 5, 2019

A mouse model of autism has revealed how exercise changes the structure of the brain by eliminating the…
Image credit: tiburi via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)
Neurons necessary for spatial working memory identified in rats

May 17, 2019

University of Tokyo researchers have demonstrated that both the hippocampus and the upstream brain area, the dentate gyrus,…
Fundamentally New MRI Method Developed to Measure Brain Function in Milliseconds

April 18, 2019

The speed of the human brain is remarkable — in a fraction of a second, neurons are activated,…
Quantum dot imaging advances

April 16, 2019

Investigations of ‘quantum dots’ for looking deeply into body tissues are rapidly evolving, but more work is required…
The Salt-Craving Neurons

April 1, 2019

Potato chips, French fries, popcorn—whichever your preference, we all know that salt is a key component of many…
Human brain and cognitive abilities - artist's impression. Image credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain
The Brain Grows New Nerve Cells in People up to 87 Years of Age

March 26, 2019

In a paper recently published in the journal Nature Medicine, a group of researchers from Spain detail their…
Shining a Light on Memory

March 22, 2019

Brains don’t store memories the way computers do, in well-defined chunks of data on a storage medium. In…
Discovering a new form of communication in the brain

February 27, 2019

Biomedical engineering researchers at Case Western Reserve University say they have identified a previously unidentified form of neural…
Autism and Theory of Mind

January 30, 2019

Suppose you are helping your friend search for their missing phone and while they are looking around another…
The Sophistication of the Human Brain Renders it more Prone to Disorders, Study Suggests

January 23, 2019

A new research paper by Prof Rony Paz of the Weizmann Institute of Science and his colleagues, published…
Researchers discover the brain cells that make pain unpleasant

January 23, 2019

Pain sensation and the emotional experience of pain are not the same, and now, in mice, scientists at…
Mouse studies question ‘inhibition’ theory of autism

January 23, 2019

A detailed study of four mouse models of autism challenges the most common assumption about what goes wrong…
Thanks to rapid, 3D imaging, anyone can tour the fly brain

January 21, 2019

A new fly-through of the fly brain allows anyone to whizz past neurons and visit any of the…
Brains in Attendance

January 14, 2019

Neurons will be firing, fast and furious, when UC Santa Barbara brain scientists and scholars converge for the…
Watching as neurons fire without invasive electrodes or chemical modifications

December 18, 2018

Scientists have plenty of ways to watch as individual neurons in a brain fire, sending electrical signals from…
Attention, please! Anticipation of touch takes focus, executive skills

December 14, 2018

Anticipation is often viewed as an emotional experience, an eager wait for something to happen. Inside the brain,…
Dopamine’s yin-yang personality: It’s an upper and a downer

December 12, 2018

For decades, psychologists have viewed the neurotransmitter dopamine as a double-edged sword: released in the brain as a…
NIH researchers discover neural code that predicts behavior

November 29, 2018

Scientists at the National Eye Institute (NEI) have found that neurons in the superior colliculus, an ancient midbrain…
New method for studying gene expression could improve understanding of brain disease

November 23, 2018

It takes a lot of cells to make a human brain. The organ houses not only an enormous…
Astrocytes regulate signal speeds of neurons

November 7, 2018

The transmission speed of neurons fluctuates in the brain to achieve an optimal flow of information required for…
Just a few drinks can change how memories are formed

October 29, 2018

One of the many challenges with battling alcohol addiction and other substance abuse disorders is the risk of…
Effects of epilepsy on neural activity in mice fluctuate with reproductive cycle, study finds

October 15, 2018

Mice with epilepsy have altered patterns of neuron activity in the portion of the brain that controls the…
In tiny worms, researchers find spiking neurons—and clues about brain computation

October 8, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, the brain is not a computer. However brains do, in their own way, compute.…
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