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This Neuron Could Have Implications for Effective Diet Drugs

3 days ago

A CALCR cell found in mice may stop feeding without subsequential nauseating effects as well as influence the…
A surprising new source of attention in the brain

December 20, 2019

As you read this line, you’re bringing each word into clear view for a brief moment while blurring…
Made a “Dumb” Move? New Studies Say a Neuronal Mechanism Is to Blame

December 18, 2019

If you’ve ever entered a liquor store, you’ve probably noticed one exorbitantly priced wine bottle situated beside cheaper…
Failure of the molecular bodyguard in Parkinson’s disease

December 5, 2019

Scientists from ETH Zurich and the University of Basel’s Biozentrum have shown that chaperone proteins dynamically bind to…
Cerebral organoid model provides clues about how to prevent virus-induced brain cell death

November 27, 2019

Scientists have determined that La Crosse virus (LACV), which can cause inflammation of the brain in children, affects…
The GPS in Our Brains

November 22, 2019

Humans are really good at navigation. It’s how we managed — over eons — to migrate across the…
Building the first holographic brain ‘atlas’

November 11, 2019

A team of researchers, led by Case Western Reserve University scientists and technicians using the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality…
Yale scientists capture dynamic brain in action

November 5, 2019

Scientists routinely capture images of the brain in action by focusing on single molecules, cells, or circuits. But…
Groundbreaking study improves understanding of brain function

October 31, 2019

Dr. Corrado Calì, a research scientist specializing in brain imaging at KAUST, and Swiss scientists from the Blue Brain…
Scientists unpack how taste neurons control food intake

October 24, 2019

Using the common fruit fly as a model, a research team led by scientists at the University of…
Image credit: Leterrier, NeuroCyto Lab, INP, Marseille, France
New NIH BRAIN Initiative awards accelerate neuroscience discoveries

October 22, 2019

Scientists have been developing astounding new tools for exploring neural circuits that underlie brain function throughout the first…
BARseq builds a better brain map

October 21, 2019

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Professor Anthony Zador has taken the next step in his quest to solve exactly how the…
Male and Female Mice Have Different Brain Cells

October 21, 2019

Caltech researchers have discovered rare brain cell types that are unique to male mice and other types that…
Caught in the Act: Study Catches Brain Circuits as They Rewire

October 18, 2019

In a technical feat with ramifications for our understanding of how experiences imprint themselves as lasting memories, and…
Dementia Spreads via Connected Brain Networks

October 15, 2019

In a new study, UC San Francisco scientists used maps of brain connections to predict how brain atrophy…
Brain tunes itself to criticality, maximizing information processing

October 8, 2019

Researchers long wondered how the billions of independent neurons in the brain come together to reliably build a…
Human brain and cognitive abilities - artist's impression. Image credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain
‘Picoscience’ and a plethora of new materials

October 8, 2019

The revolutionary tech discoveries of the next few decades, the ones that will change daily life, may come…
Yale researchers develop way to help brain organoids thrive

October 8, 2019

Brain organoids created from human embryonic stem cells offer scientists a powerful way to study the developing brain…
Particle physicists lend a hand to advance neuroscience

September 30, 2019

Psychologist Anthony Norcia had a problem. In his research untangling vision processing in the brain, he wanted to simultaneously zap…
Single protein plays important dual shipping role in the brain

August 16, 2019

Just as a packaging breakdown can hamstring delivery of cables, switches and connectors to a house under construction,…
Researchers discover the science behind giving up

July 26, 2019

What happens when we give up? Inside the brain, a group of cells known as nociceptin neurons get…
There’s more to smell than meets the nose

July 23, 2019

How do animals smell? Scientists haven’t quite decoded it yet, but researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)…
Multiple Sclerosis Attacks Brain’s ‘Projection Neurons’

July 18, 2019

Brain damage associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) specifically targets a common class of brain cells called projection neurons,…
Protein Clumps in ALS Neurons Provide Potential Target for New Therapies

July 3, 2019

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurological condition that affects motor neurons — the nerve cells that control…
Unraveling the brain’s reward circuits

July 3, 2019

To some, a chocolate cake may spark a shot of pleasure typically associated with illicit drugs. A new…
The fractal brain, from a single neuron’s perspective

June 18, 2019

Hacking into brain signals may be more straightforward than once thought. Physicists studying the brain at Washington University…
Exercise fine-tunes brain’s connections, eases autism spectrum disorder in mouse model

June 5, 2019

A mouse model of autism has revealed how exercise changes the structure of the brain by eliminating the…
Image credit: tiburi via Pixabay (Pixabay licence)
Neurons necessary for spatial working memory identified in rats

May 17, 2019

University of Tokyo researchers have demonstrated that both the hippocampus and the upstream brain area, the dentate gyrus,…
Fundamentally New MRI Method Developed to Measure Brain Function in Milliseconds

April 18, 2019

The speed of the human brain is remarkable — in a fraction of a second, neurons are activated,…
Quantum dot imaging advances

April 16, 2019

Investigations of ‘quantum dots’ for looking deeply into body tissues are rapidly evolving, but more work is required…
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