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Identifying early warning signs of deterioration in child patients

November 8, 2019

Electronic hand held devices are being used to record patients’ vital signs at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in…
High blood pressure at maximal exercise may signal good fitness

October 23, 2019

Is it dangerous to have high blood pressure when exercising? “It depends”, is the answer from a newly…
Pregnant women may soon be able to detect their own risk of preeclampsia with a smartphone

October 22, 2019

Researchers are developing a way for women to test themselves for preeclampsia risk at home using a smartphone…
Food Insecurity in Young Adults Raises Risk for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma

October 2, 2019

A paradox of food insecurity in wealthy countries is its association with excess weight. Now, a study led…
People with periodontitis face a higher risk of stroke and heart attack

September 27, 2019

Hypertension, high blood pressure, affects 30-45% of adults. It can lead to heart attack and stroke. In fact,…
Salt shakers should carry tobacco-style health warning, say experts

September 27, 2019

Salt sold in supermarkets and salt shakers in restaurants should be required to carry a front-of-pack, tobacco-style health…
Basic Cell Discovery Could Lead to Improved Drugs for Heart Failure

September 23, 2019

Michigan Medicine researchers determine that receptors inside heart cells could be targets for better beta blockers. Beta blockers are…
Astronaut Alexander Gerst exhales into an ultra-sensitive gas analyzer for the Airway Monitoring experiment. Credits: NASA
Understanding Asthma from Space

September 20, 2019

Help may be on the way for the millions of people around the world who suffer from asthma.…
It takes a community to lower cardiovascular risk

September 18, 2019

Concerted effort by friends, family and non-physician health workers can make a dramatic difference in reducing the risk…
Low cost mobile technology shifts the dial on cardiovascular risk in rural Indonesia

August 30, 2019

An Australian-developed mobile app supported system that helps health systems identify and better manage people at high risk…
Giving Trauma Patients a Hormone that Helps Stabilize Blood Pressure Cuts Blood Transfusions by Half

August 30, 2019

Penn study shows that trauma patients with severe blood loss, most often gunshot victims, need only half the…
Polycystic Kidney Disease: Strike Three

August 29, 2019

For people with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), life can be a never-ending cycle of symptoms: aches and pains,…
A much less invasive way to monitor pressure in the brain

August 26, 2019

Traumatic brain injuries, as well as infectious diseases such as meningitis, can lead to brain swelling and dangerously…
Elevated blood pressure in your 30’s could lead to brain damage later in life

August 22, 2019

As you age your blood pressure is likely to change. That is a normal part of life, which…
Increasing Blood Pressure Medications at Hospital Discharge May Pose Serious Risk

August 22, 2019

Increasing medications for blood pressure when discharging older patients from the hospital may pose a greater risk of…
Intensive blood pressure control may slow age-related brain damage

August 14, 2019

In a nationwide study, researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to scan the brains of hundreds of participants…
Soft Wearable Health Monitor Uses Stretchable Electronics

August 1, 2019

A wireless, wearable monitor built with stretchable electronics could allow comfortable, long-term health monitoring of adults, babies and…
NIH scientists link genetics to risk of high blood pressure among blacks

July 8, 2019

Variants in the gene ARMC5 may be associated with high blood pressure among blacks, according to a National Institutes of…
Elevated blood pressure in first trimester increases risk for blood pressure disorder later in pregnancy

June 28, 2019

Elevated blood pressure in the first trimester of pregnancy, or an increase in blood pressure between the first…
Cholesterol medication could invite diabetes, study suggests

June 26, 2019

A study of thousands of patients’ health records found that those who were prescribed cholesterol-lowering statins had at…
Study of multiethnic genomes identifies 27 genetic variants associated with certain diseases

June 20, 2019

In a study published in the journal Nature, researchers identified 27 new genomic variants associated with conditions such…
People with Untreated “White Coat Hypertension” Twice as Likely to Die from Heart Disease

June 17, 2019

White coat hypertension, a condition in which a patient’s blood pressure readings are higher when taken at the…
Chronic diseases monitored in primary care could lead to unnecessary testing

June 14, 2019

Guidelines used by GPs to monitor chronic diseases are based on expert opinion rather than evidence, according to…
Rapid Fluid Removal Increases Death Risk in Kidney Patients

June 10, 2019

The faster fluid is removed using continuous dialysis from patients with failing kidneys, the higher the likelihood they…
Can red wine lower your blood pressure?

May 30, 2019

A recent study led by researchers from the King’s British Heart Foundation Centre of Excellence (BHF), published in…
Fainting during pregnancy can be a sign of problems for both mother and baby

May 29, 2019

Women have long been told fainting is a common but harmless symptom of pregnancy, but new research shows…
Artistic depiction of a heart.
Blood Pressure and Glucose Control May Prevent Common Arrhythmia

May 27, 2019

Blood-pressure and glucose control may be effective in preventing heart block, a common form of arrhythmia, and the…
Leaving school earlier could increase the risk of heart disease

May 23, 2019

Although it has been known for a long time, that education, and socioeconomic position affect health, particularly in…
Why High Blood Pressure and Cold Meds Don’t Mix

May 14, 2019

Decongestants can pose a dangerous risk to people with hypertension. Try these other steps to safely treat a…
High Blood Pressure May Lead to More Diabetic Eye Injections

May 9, 2019

When patients with diabetic retinopathy would see Michigan Medicine ophthalmologist Anjali Shah, M.D., the conversation was often the same.…
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