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Charcoal-like biochar improves soil hydration and enhances agricultural production while it curtails nutrient leaching, increases nitrogen available to plants and reduces the release of gas pollutants. Image credit: Ghasideh Pourhashem
Feds, states can help biochar live up to its soil-saving potential

January 14, 2019

Even though every dollar spent on soil improvement can save much more in environmental costs down the road,…
Biochar could clear the air in more ways than one

July 27, 2017

Biochar from recycled waste may both enhance crop growth and save health costs by helping clear the air…
Climate change likely to increase black carbon input to the Arctic Ocean

December 1, 2015

University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography scientist Aron Stubbins led a team of researchers to determine the…
Biochar alters water flow to improve sand and clay, study finds

September 25, 2014

As more gardeners and farmers add ground charcoal, or biochar, to soil to both boost crop yields and…
Making the most out of nature’s resources: combining technologies means higher bioenergy yields

July 28, 2014

Sustainable energy sources are by all means on great demand in our energy-dependent world. Sun, wind and water…
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