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Left: Apollo 12 astronauts (front to back) Conrad, Gordon, and Bean stand outside the Command Module simulator. Right: Apollo 12 astronauts (left to right) Bean, Gordon, and Conrad seen through a fish-eye lens inside the Command Module simulator. Image credits: NASA
50 Years Ago: Countdown Begins for Apollo 12

November 8, 2019

In November 1969, American astronauts prepared to embark on the second mission to land humans on the Moon.…
Space Samples Link NASA’s Apollo 11 and Mars 2020

August 14, 2019

On July 24, 1969, Apollo 11 command module Columbia splashed down in the Pacific, fulfilling President Kennedy’s goal…
Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. moves toward a position to deploy two components of the Early Apollo Scientific Experiments Package (EASEP) on the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 11 extravehicular activity. The Passive Seismic Experiments Package (PSEP) is in his left hand; and in his right hand is the Laser Ranging Retro-Reflector (LR3). Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, commander, took this photograph with a 70mm lunar surface camera. Credit: NASA
The Apollo Experiment That Keeps on Giving

July 25, 2019

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins departed from the Moon 50 years ago, but one of the…
The Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket on its journey to the Moon in 1969. Credits: NASA
Math Invented for Moon Landing Helps Your Flight Arrive on Time

July 19, 2019

They say the computers on board the Apollo spacecraft were not even as powerful as your smartphone. So,…
Using ‘mooncrete’ for building blocks on the moon

July 17, 2019

Perhaps British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was onto something. In his Space Odyssey book series, he…
Apollo Mission Control Reopens in All Its Historic Glory

June 27, 2019

On July 20, 1969, the United States achieved the most profound milestone of human accomplishment when it landed…
50 Years Ago: One Month til Apollo 11 Liftoff

June 18, 2019

The achievement of President John F. Kennedy’s goal of landing a man on the Moon and returning him…
Exploring the Moon Promises Innovation and Benefit at Home

June 7, 2019

Walking on another world was science fiction until NASA’s Apollo program made it a reality. Fifty years later,…
50 Years Ago: Apollo 10 Clears the Way for the first Moon Landing

May 26, 2019

“Houston, we are returning to Earth!” With those words, Apollo 10 Commander Thomas P. Stafford announced that the…
NASA and Peanuts Celebrate Apollo 10’s 50th Anniversary

May 20, 2019

Today NASA and Peanuts Worldwide celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the launch of Apollo 10 and the history…
Shrinking Moon May Be Generating Moonquakes

May 14, 2019

The Moon is shrinking as its interior cools, getting more than about 150 feet (50 meters) skinnier over…
Diving into untouched lunar treasures

March 29, 2019

Nearly 50 years ago, some very special materials were transported from outer space to Earth — unopened lunar…
‘Mars Buggy’ Curiosity Measures a Mountain’s Gravity

February 1, 2019

Apollo 17 astronauts drove a moon buggy across the lunar surface in 1972, measuring gravity with a special…
NASA’s Moon Data Sheds Light on Earth’s Asteroid Impact History

January 18, 2019

By looking at the Moon, the most complete and accessible chronicle of the asteroid collisions that carved our…
A Bold Step: Apollo 8 Sends First Human Flight Beyond Earth

December 20, 2018

“Apollo 8. You are Go for TLI.” With these cryptic words spoken on Dec. 21, 1968, NASA’s Mission…
50 Years Ago, Apollo 8 Preparations at L-8 Weeks

October 27, 2018

As Apollo 7 completed its highly successful engineering test mission, preparations intensified for the next flight, Apollo 8,…
NASA Helps Bring Story of Historic Moon Landing, Neil Armstrong to Younger Generations

October 15, 2018

The first steps on the Moon – fueled by a national will to excel – marked a turning…
NASA Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 7

October 12, 2018

On Oct. 11, 1968, NASA launched its first crewed Apollo mission, which paved the way for the moon landing less…
Skylab: America’s First Space Station

May 15, 2018

Skylab was America’s first space station and first crewed research laboratory in space. Early visions of orbiting space stations…
Apollo 4 was First-Ever Launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

November 10, 2017

Fifty years ago this month, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida experienced the roar of a rocket from…
July 20, 1969: One Giant Leap For Mankind

July 21, 2017

July 1969. It’s a little over eight years since the flights of Gagarin and Shepard, followed quickly by…
Remembering Gene Cernan

January 17, 2017

Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, died Monday, Jan. 16, surrounded by his family.…
Fifty Years of Moon Dust: Surveyor 1 was a Pathfinder for Apollo

June 3, 2016

Before humans could take their first steps on the moon, that mysterious and forbidding surface had to be…
Astronaut Photography from Space Helped ‘Discover the Earth’

April 24, 2016

In December 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 became the first humans to leave Earth orbit and head…
New NASA Study Reveals Origin of Organic Matter in Apollo Lunar Samples

October 29, 2015

A team of NASA-funded scientists has solved an enduring mystery from the Apollo missions to the moon –…
The Hard-won Triumph of the Apollo 13 Mission – 45 Years Later

April 17, 2015

When their spaceship was severely damaged 200,000 miles from Earth – 45 years ago this week, it was…
How NASA Filmed Humans Last Leaving The Moon, 42 Years Ago

December 16, 2014

When Apollo 17 lifted off from the moon, a camera captured the movements of the spacecraft — even…
NASA Honors Historic First Moon Landing, Eyes First Mars Mission

July 15, 2014

  NASA marks the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing this month while it takes the steps…
Apollo 10 was Moon Landing Rehearsal, EFT-1 Preps for Trips Beyond

June 4, 2014

NASA recently marked the 45th anniversary of Apollo 10, the mission that served as the “dress rehearsal” for…
Relive Apollo 9′s Moon Lander Test 45 Years Ago Through Incredible NASA Images

March 4, 2014

Hard to believe the decades fly by so fast. It was 45 years ago today that the crew…
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