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Eating cheese may offset blood vessel damage from salt?

September 18, 2019

Cheese lovers, rejoice. Antioxidants naturally found in cheese may help protect blood vessels from damage from high levels…
How a Mutation Turned Almonds from Toxin to Treat

July 19, 2019

Eating just 50 bitter almonds can release enough hydrogen cyanide to kill an adult in under 3 minutes. Fortunately, the…
New Analysis Finds Vast Majority of Dietary Supplements to have no Effect on Heart Disease and Overall Lifespan

July 18, 2019

A massive new analysis published on 8 July in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which included findings from…
Copper compound shows further potential as therapy for slowing ALS

July 3, 2019

A compound with potential as a treatment for ALS has gained further promise in a new study that…
New basic understanding of how lung cancer spreads

June 28, 2019

Lung cancer cells use antioxidants, endogenous or dietary, to spread in the body by activating a protein called…
Antioxidant puts up fight, but loses battle against toxic protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease

June 18, 2019

New research may explain why an antioxidant that protects the brain is also associated with deterioration in areas…
Is coffee good for you?

May 28, 2019

If you love coffee but aren’t really sure whether it’s good for you, drink up—research suggests there are…
Smart antioxidant-containing polymer responds to body chemistry, environment

April 18, 2019

Oxidants found within living organisms are byproducts of metabolism and are essential to wound-healing and immunity. However, when…
Purple rice reigns

January 22, 2019

Does your New Year’s resolution diet include healthy whole grains? Purple rice is a whole grain with high…
Green tea steeped in bottled water increases antioxidants, but alters flavor

January 11, 2019

Here’s to sipping a cupful of health: Green tea steeped in bottled water has a more bitter taste,…
Metabolic syndrome patients need more vitamin C to break cycle of antioxidant depletion

January 4, 2019

A higher intake of vitamin C is crucial for metabolic syndrome patients trying to halt a potentially deadly…
Novel antioxidant makes old blood vessels seem young again

April 19, 2018

Older adults who take a novel antioxidant that specifically targets cellular powerhouses, or mitochondria, see aging of their…
Neutrons reveal promising properties of novel antioxidant polymer

February 28, 2018

Many natural and synthetic antioxidants help defend the body against oxidative stress—a biochemical imbalance that can damage cells…
Seaweed could hold key to environmentally friendly sunscreen

December 5, 2017

A compound found in seaweed could protect human skin from the damaging impact of the sun without causing…
Antioxidants and hearing loss

February 8, 2017

Severe hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic condition in older Americans and more than 15% of…
Antioxidants get small

January 27, 2017

Treated particles of graphene derived from carbon nanotubes have demonstrated remarkable potential as life-saving antioxidants, but as small…
Boosting levels of known antioxidant may help resist age-related decline

October 25, 2016

Researchers at Oregon State University have found that a specific detoxification compound, glutathione, helps resist the toxic stresses…
Antioxidants in bladderwrack seaweed can make foods taste better

September 8, 2016

Bladderwrack seaweed from Danish waters contains antioxidants, which can effectively prevent fatty acids from becoming rancid in a…
Sweet cherries could alleviate obesity-related inflammation

April 8, 2016

Clinical trials to investigate the anti-inflammatory capacity of sweet cherries, in a bid to prevent and treat obesity-related…
Social yeast cells prefer to work with close relatives to make our beer, bread & wine

October 26, 2015

Baker’s yeast cells living together in communities help feed each other, but leave incomers from the same species…
High-fructose diet hampers recovery from traumatic brain injury

October 4, 2015

A diet high in processed fructose sabotages rats’ brains’ ability to heal after head trauma, UCLA neuroscientists report.…
Scientists find how aging affects immune system and how antioxidants can help

August 9, 2015

We know that older people have problems with immunity and often get diseases that are usually avoided by…
Scientists show how aging cripples the immune system, suggesting benefits of antioxidants

August 7, 2015

Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have shown how aging cripples the production…
How used coffee-grounds could make some food more healthful

May 19, 2015

Coffee has gone from dietary foe to friend in recent years, partly due to the revelation that it’s…
Heart Health Q&A: Can Eating Blueberries Improve Blood Pressure in Postmenopausal Women?

April 16, 2015

Postmenopausal women have a high prevalence of hypertension (high blood pressure) and often develop arterial stiffness (hardening of…
Nano-antioxidants prove their potential

February 10, 2015

Rice-led study shows how particles quench damaging superoxides Injectable nanoparticles that could protect an injured person from further…
Fruit flies can indirectly smell antioxidants

January 28, 2015

Antioxidants are natural food ingredients that protect cells from harmful influences. Their main task is to neutralize so-called…
Things smell good for a reason

January 27, 2015

Fruit flies use olfactory cues to detect healthy antioxidants in their food Antioxidants are natural food ingredients that…
How antioxidants can accelerate cancers, and why they don’t protect against them

July 11, 2014

Drs. Tuveson and Chandel explain why eating foods  rich in antioxidants, as well as taking antioxidant supplements, can…
Antioxidants speed lung cancer growth in mice, study finds

January 30, 2014

Antioxidants are chemical compounds that delay some types of cell damage. Well-known antioxidants include vitamin A, C (pictured…
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