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Thawing permafrost affects Alaska’s land-to-ocean river flows

January 9, 2020

A new analysis of the hydrologic cycle across the North Slope of Alaska reveals significant increases in subsurface…
Ice in Motion: Satellites Capture Decades of Change

December 10, 2019

New time-lapse videos of Earth’s glaciers and ice sheets as seen from space – some spanning nearly 50…
In Alaskan gold mines, digging for clues about climate change

September 25, 2019

In gold mines near Fairbanks, Alaska, scientists are hunting for something precious — and it’s not metal. They’re…
USGS Estimates 53.8 Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas Hydrate Resources in the Alaska North Slope

September 19, 2019

The Alaska North Slope contains an estimated 53.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas hydrate resources, according to…
Underwater Glacial Melting Occurring Much Faster Than Predicted

July 29, 2019

Underwater melting of tidewater glaciers is occurring much faster than previously thought, according to a new study by…
New observations find Alaskan glacier melt rates significantly higher than predicted by theory

July 26, 2019

New acoustic observations mapping the changing face of the LeConte Glacier in southeast Alaska show that the rate…
Early lives of Alaska sockeye salmon accelerating with climate change

June 5, 2019

An ample buffet of freshwater food, brought on by climate change, is altering the life history of one…
Hot spots in rivers that nurture young salmon ‘flicker on and off’ in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region

May 24, 2019

Chemical signatures imprinted on tiny stones that form inside the ears of fish show that two of Alaska’s…
Chemical records in teeth confirm elusive Alaska lake seals are one of a kind

May 20, 2019

Hundreds of harbor seals live in Iliamna Lake, the largest body of freshwater in Alaska and one of the…
Public talks kick off study of ice loss, warming and coastal changes in northern Alaska

April 29, 2019

The northernmost town in the country had its warmest March on record. Utqiagvik, formerly known as Barrow, is…
Alaska’s ‘outdated’ management plan increases risks to large carnivores, ecosystems, scientists say

January 17, 2019

Alaskan wildlife management that prioritizes reducing bear and wolf populations so hunters can kill more moose, caribou and…
Slime proves valuable in developing method for counting salmon in Alaska

January 3, 2019

Scientists have published a novel method for counting Pacific salmon – analyzing DNA from the slime the fish…
Stanford scholar finds resiliency in Alaskan forests ravaged by climate change

December 3, 2018

Ice caps are melting, the ocean is acidifying and extreme weather is plaguing those who live in vulnerable…
Development of Alaska’s ANWR would increase U.S. crude oil production after 2030

June 19, 2018

In December 2017, the passage of Public Law 115-97 required the U.S. Secretary of the Interior to establish and administer…
Study Provides Long-term Look at Alaska’s Changing Ecosystems

June 13, 2018

New research has revealed significant changes to Alaska’s landscape in recent decades. During the past 32 years, about…
Re-Assessing Alaska’s Energy Frontier

December 28, 2017

The new USGS assessment estimates 8.7 billion barrels of oil and 25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas resources. This…
Return to the Alaska Wilderness: USGS Scientists visit one of North America’s fastest-moving faults

November 23, 2017

Five geologists spent two weeks in the Alaskan wilderness studying one of the fastest-moving earthquake faults in North…
EarthScope’s Transportable Array now spans Alaska, the last frontier

October 12, 2017

Seismic station A19K, it’s called, and it’s now at the edge of an abandoned airstrip far above the…
Alaska’s North Slope Snow-Free Season is Lengthening

August 7, 2017

On the North Slope of Alaska, snow is melting earlier in the spring and the snow-in date is…
NASA/USGS Provide Global View of Speed of Ice

December 13, 2016

Glaciers and ice sheets move in unique and sometimes surprising patterns, as evidenced by a new capability that…
Project releases 3-D elevation maps for White House Arctic Initiative

September 5, 2016

Less than one year after President Barack Obama announced a White House Arctic Initiative that included better mapping…
USGS Projects Large Loss of Alaska Permafrost by 2100

December 1, 2015

Using statistically modeled maps drawn from satellite data and other sources, U.S. Geological Survey scientists have projected that…
Study: Alaskan soil thaw sends carbon directly back into atmosphere

October 27, 2015

Samples of permafrost soil from deep below the ground in an Alaskan tunnel are providing new clues in…
Study: Alaskan boreal forest fires release more carbon than the trees can absorb

October 27, 2015

A new analysis of fire activity in Alaska’s Yukon Flats finds that so many forest fires are occurring…
NOAA declares deaths of large whales in Gulf of Alaska an unusual mortality event

August 21, 2015

NOAA is declaring the recent deaths of 30 large whales in the western Gulf of Alaska an “unusual…
ONR-Sponsored Technology Aids Recovery of Alaska Plane Wreck

July 23, 2015

On Alaska’s Mount Gannett, pleasant weather can turn nasty quickly. Sunshine gives way to frigid rain; clear skies…
Northern Alaska Coastal Erosion Threatens Habitat and Infrastructure

July 2, 2015

In a new study scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey found that the remote northern Alaska coast has…
The Advance of Hubbard Glacier

May 21, 2015

Since measurements began in 1895, Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier has been thickening and steadily advancing into Disenchantment Bay. The…
Massive amounts of fresh water, glacial melt pouring into Gulf of Alaska

March 20, 2015

Incessant mountain rain, snow and melting glaciers in a comparatively small region of land that hugs the southern…
Beyond taps and toilets in Alaska

March 17, 2015

Safe, clean drinking water and sewerage facilities are basic necessities you would hope to find in one of…
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