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Grappling with Gridlock: Can data help overcome airport traffic congestion?

August 26, 2019

While airports brace for rideshare gridlock at airports this Labor Day weekend, the same digital technology that has…
Wellington International Airport First Adopters of New Veovo IoT Platform for Enhanced Operational Insights

April 24, 2019

Wellington International is the world’s first airport to go live with a leading-edge online airport management system from…
Real-time tracking of security and taxi wait times now available on the web for all port authority airports

February 6, 2019

Passengers at John F. Kennedy International (JFK), Newark Liberty International (EWR), LaGuardia (LGA), and New York Stewart International…
Tokyo Airports are Testing Driverless Shuttles, Scheduled for Deployment by 2020

January 22, 2019

The Tokyo International Airport, also known as the Haneda Airport, has recently joined the driverless craze sweeping the…
Scientists invented a device that could cut down queues at airports

January 4, 2019

Travelling is an essential part of personal growth and education. It is also a lot of fun. But…
Sensors and Machine Learning Helps Manchester Airport Give You a Faster Travel Experience

December 6, 2018

Growth – it’s inevitable. Without it, business stagnates and withers, but with it, business thrives and flourishes. However,…
New passenger scanner uses space technology to speed up airport security

December 5, 2018

The walk-through scanner, which uses space technology to image human body heat, is the result of a collaboration…
Why runways aren’t built on hills? Going downhill planes would take off easier!

November 5, 2018

You know that airplanes are able to fly because air quickly moves around the wings, creating a difference…
Airport Runway Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Systems Market to Grow at 4% CAGR through 2028

October 22, 2018

Airport runway foreign object debris (FOD) detection systems market revenues are likely to witness a decline in 2018,…
Researchers develop technique that could detect explosives, dangerous gases rapidly and remotely

October 4, 2017

University of Michigan researchers have developed a laser-based method that could be used to detect chemicals such as…
What would a camera see passing through an airport X-Ray machine? (Video)

August 13, 2017

One part of travelling by plane is always very annoying and sometimes quite stressful – security check. Of…
No More Wait Time Surprises at Oslo and Stavanger Airport, thanks to BlipTrack technology

July 13, 2017

Oslo and Stavanger Airports have joined Scandinavian airports Copenhagen, Helsinki, Keflavik, Billund and Aalborg in implementing BlipTrack queue…
Billund Airport Expands BlipTrack Technology to Provide Seamless Passenger Flow Visibility

July 4, 2017

Billund Airport joins Amsterdam, Auckland and Bristol airports by implementing passenger flow solution from BLIP Systems. The open…
The Benefits of using Mobile Device Movement Data to Optimise Airport Operation and Improve Passenger Experience

June 14, 2017

Which parking spaces, airport entrances and services do passengers use? How many people show up at airport processes,…
Engineers test heated pavement technology at Des Moines International Airport

March 29, 2017

Iowa State University’s Halil Ceylan picked up his smartphone, opened up an app and called up the remote…
No obstacles for airports using satellites

March 14, 2017

Thanks to ESA, airports can now use satellites to identify and manage obstacles that could pose a risk…
First satellite-based wildlife monitoring tool for airports

August 30, 2016 Ascend – the wildlife management solution for airports   Wildlife habitats close to airports pose a serious…
Cutting down runway queues

January 21, 2016

Most frequent fliers are familiar with long lines at airports: at the check-in counter, the departure gate, and…
Engineers developing pavement technologies to clear snow and ice from runways

March 3, 2015

Alireza Sassani turned a switch and sent 60 volts of electricity into a small block of concrete. A…
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