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New hope for osteoporosis, more durable airplane wings

December 11, 2019

New bone-structure research from scientists at Case Western Reserve, Cornell and Purdue universities could give new hope to…
UTA brings unique hypersonic wind tunnel online

July 15, 2019

The University of Texas at Arlington has brought its new arc-heated, hypersonic wind tunnel online, marking a new…
Engineering an accurate, affordable model for turbulence in air and space travel

April 1, 2019

The future of space travel could hinge on the management of tiny swirls of air turbulence. But first,…
At 3,836 mph, which way does the air flow?

March 14, 2019

If you’ve ever been to an air show, or lived near an air force base, you’re familiar with…
This composite photo shows The Twin Rockets to Investigate Cusp Electrodynamics or TRICE-2 that were launched at 3:26 and 3:28 a.m. EST, Dec. 8, 2018, from the Andoya Space Center in Andenes, Norway. The motors firing on the sides of the first stages spin the rocket to assist in stabilization during flight. The mission is one of nine international missions through January 2020 called the Grand Challenge Initiative – Cusp. Credit: NASA/Jamie Adkins
NASA Sounding Rockets Carry TRICE-2 over Norwegian Sea

December 11, 2018

Two NASA sounding rockets successfully flew over the Norwegian Sea early in the morning December 8 carrying an…
Student Spacecraft Design Team to Launch Payload Aboard NASA Scientific Balloon

September 25, 2015

Using a smartphone as a flight computer and data-recording device, University of Virginia undergraduate students soon will launch…
NASA Selects Leading-Edge Technology Concepts for Continued Study

July 8, 2015

NASA has selected seven technology proposals for continued study under Phase II of the agency’s Innovative Advanced Concepts…
Cardiff researchers showcase pioneering lightning facility

June 12, 2015

Engineers at the Morgan Botti Lightning Laboratory, based in Cardiff Bay, are helping industry develop fuel-saving carbon fibre…
Lockheed Martin Study: NIST Computational Tool Improves Product Testing and Saves Money

June 11, 2015

Lockheed Martin, the global security and aerospace company, estimates that widely used software testing methods developed at the…
Flight of fiction, now future prediction

July 1, 2014

Personal air vehicles (PAVs), lightweight four to five-seater aircraft that anyone with a driver’s licence could fly are…
NASA Centers Team Up to Tackle Sonic Boom

March 18, 2014

Since the Concorde’s final landing at London’s Heathrow Airport nearly a decade ago, commercial supersonic air travel has…
Research Benefits Surgeons Making Decisions on How to Help Their Patients Breathe Easier

March 5, 2014

UC researchers use computer simulations developed for aircraft design to improve treatment of human airways. A more accurate…
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