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Lab scholar makes impact on new diagnostic at NIF


When Peter Nyholm became a NIF&PS Summer Scholar, he was following family tradition. Both of his parents had…
Study on stability of highly energetic materials

3 days ago

Understanding the physical and chemical characteristics of energetic materials under extreme conditions is crucial for their safe and…
Colloidal nanotweezers are new tool for advanced particle manipulation

6 days ago

Tools for manipulating small suspended particles such as cells, micro-particles and nanoparticles play an essential role in the…
Methods to Monitor Wear in Oil and Gas Production Tubing Without Well Intervention

6 days ago

The Seeker (a private Oil & Gas producing company) is looking for a method for remote online monitoring…
ORNL develops method to customize microbes for better biofuel production

6 days ago

Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated a method to insert genes…
Piotrek and CSIRO to make next-gen lithium batteries for global market

September 12, 2019

A new partnership between Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, and Japanese specialist chemical manufacturer, Piotrek, will see Australian-developed…
PALLAS predicted this complex transition pathway network for silicon. If you know how to read it, it is a roadmap that shows possible transition pathways between different structures. The tool developed by Zhu, Strobel, and Cohen correctly identified the lowest-energy transition pathway for silicon upon decompression from high pressure (thick black line). The structures in the four boxes show the different configurations of atoms along the transition path. The background colors indicate contours on the energy landscape. The points indicate stable and metastable structures of silicon with their size and color proportional to volume and energy, respectively. The composite of circles is similar to methods used in social networking analysis. Image provided courtesy of Timothy Strobel
A “GPS” to guide the discovery of new materials

September 11, 2019

New materials can contribute potential solutions to many societal issues—from increasing access to clean drinking water to improving…
Getting a look under the hood of topological insulators

September 10, 2019

Certain materials, like copper, conduct electricity very well.  Other materials, like glass, do not.  A certain kind of…
One-atom switch supercharges fluorescent dyes

September 10, 2019

It only took the replacement of one atom for Rice University scientists to give new powers to biocompatible…
Manufacturing—Layering on the strength

September 5, 2019

A team including Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee researchers demonstrated a novel 3D printing approach…
In the Seattle lab, the team cultured 36 species of marine microbes and then tested their ability to produce sulfonates. Each phytoplankton type has its own unique set of pigments that absorb and reflect different wavelengths of light, creating the range of colors in the test tubes. Image credit: Bryndan Durham/University of Washington
New study tracks sulfur-based metabolism in the open ocean

September 5, 2019

One of the planet’s most active ecosystems is one most people rarely encounter and scientists are only starting…
Why transporters really matter for cell factories

September 4, 2019

Scientists discover the secret behind some protein transporters’ superiority. One transporter, MAE1, can export organic acids out of…
Argonne discovery offers new way to coat nuclear materials

September 4, 2019

Argonne scientists have discovered a new way to coat nuclear materials that supports efforts to minimize use of…
Reactor Turns Greenhouse Gas Into Pure Liquid Fuel

September 3, 2019

Lab’s ‘green’ invention reduces carbon dioxide into valuable fuels. A common greenhouse gas could be repurposed in an…
A New Model of Heat Transfer in Crystals Was Developed by Russian Scientists

August 30, 2019

Today’s physicists mostly focus either on massive objects like black holes or on atom-sized objects. In both cases,…
Going small can help determine where nuclear material came from and how it was made

August 30, 2019

Until recently, the analysis and identification of nuclear fuel pellets in nuclear forensics investigations have been mainly focused…
Scientists created a coating combatting hospital-acquired infections

August 30, 2019

Hospitals are supposed to be very clean. In fact, they should be sterile. And people are trying to…
Enhanced Safety Or Dangerous Drawback: A Closer Look At Laminated Glass Windows

August 29, 2019

With all the flashy hi-tech safety features available in modern cars, it’s easy to overlook (or, rather, “look…
Skin creams aren’t what we thought they were

August 29, 2019

Anyone who has gone through the stress and discomfort of raw, irritated skin knows the relief that comes…
Surface atoms on a dust particle (shown in red, white, pink and yellow) impose an arrangement on water molecules (blue) that can promote or inhibit ice formation. Image credit: Sapna Sarupria and Ryan DeFever
Chipping away at how ice forms could keep windshields, power lines ice-free

August 29, 2019

How does ice form? Surprisingly, science hasn’t fully answered that question. Differences in ice formation on various surfaces…
Enhancing Materials for Hi-Res Patterning to Advance Microelectronics

August 28, 2019

Scientists at Brookhaven Lab’s Center for Functional Nanomaterials created “hybrid” organic-inorganic materials for transferring ultrasmall, high-aspect-ratio features into…
Microfluidic devices made of wood

August 23, 2019

To analyze tiny amounts of liquids, scientists often use devices called microfluidic chips, which are small pieces of…
Getting Clear about Clean Air

August 22, 2019

PNNL researchers identified the molecular structure that breaks down an important component of smog. Nitrogen oxides, also known…
A new way to generate solar steam for cleaning water and reducing waste

August 22, 2019

Strategies for purifying water abound, but they tend to require lots of energy. Scientists at Argonne are exploring…
Measuring the Charge of Electrons in a High-Temp Superconductor

August 22, 2019

Scientists found a large concentration of electron pairs outside key temperature and energy ranges; this finding could inform…
In first-of-its-kind study, UCI researchers highlight hookah health hazards

August 21, 2019

Hookah waterpipe use has grown in popularity in recent years – 1 in 5 college students in the…
A novel cellular process to engulf nano-sized materials

August 19, 2019

Nanometers are one billionth of a meter, a metric typically used to measure molecules and scientific building blocks…
From trash to treasure: Electronic waste is mined for rare earth elements

August 16, 2019

Rare earth elements are the “secret sauce” of numerous advanced materials for energy, transportation, defense and communications applications.…
Sandia abuses batteries for better energy storage

August 14, 2019

Researchers create ‘ninth way of killing a battery’ They crush ‘em. They pierce ‘em. They roast ‘em, soak…
Endurance Lasers Announces the 3-rd Photo Maker Competition

August 13, 2019

Endurance Lasers, company which specializes in producing high-power laser cutting and engraving equipment, has just announced their 3-rd…
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