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New tool for sugarcane farmers to help the Great Barrier Reef


In a world first, sugarcane farmers in far north Queensland have a new app by Australia’s national science…
Microsoft bids farewell to Windows 7: What should we do?

5 days ago

This week is special for Windows and many users of this operating system. Microsoft is dropping support of…
Researchers propose ‘Human Screenome Project’ to study the impacts and promises of digital media

5 days ago

As digital devices become ubiquitous in the world, so have concerns about the harmful effects of screen-related behaviors.…
Underwater robot takes first known automated sample from ocean

6 days ago

A hybrid remotely operated vehicle developed by NSF-funded Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution researchers took the first known automated ocean sample performed…
How Door-to-Departure Flow Management is Transforming Birmingham Airport

January 14, 2020

Birmingham Airport (BHX) has long been recognised as one of the UK’s most punctual and family-friendly travel hubs.…
First Study of its Kind Examines the Impact of AI on UN Goals for Climate, Development and Global Stability

January 14, 2020

This week, an international team of scientists have release the first study of its kind examining how the…
Pioneering tool to manage media industry’s digital carbon footprint

January 14, 2020

A collaboration between computer scientists at the University of Bristol and nine major media companies, including ITV and…
How well can computers connect symptoms to diseases?

January 14, 2020

A new MIT study finds “health knowledge graphs,” which show relationships between symptoms and diseases and are intended…
New open release allows theorists to explore LHC data in a new way

January 9, 2020

The ATLAS collaboration releases full analysis likelihoods, a first for an LHC experiment. What if you could test…
What happens when algorithms predict the future?

January 8, 2020

More data and better algorithms: predictions are becoming increasingly more accurate and this is changing insurance policies, medicine,…
Team to Build Inflatable Robots for Hospital Beds

January 7, 2020

With machines designed to greet customers, reduce stress and care for the elderly, robots are becoming increasingly intertwined with everyday human life.…
Finding the true potential of algorithms

January 7, 2020

Each semester, Associate Professor Virginia Vassilevska Williams tries to impart one fundamental lesson to her computer-science undergraduates: Math…
Can Technology Mend Our Broken Minds?

January 6, 2020

Anxiety. Depression. ADHD. Dementia. The human brain is in trouble. More than half a billion people worldwide suffer…
Breast cancer patients are turning to Instagram for emotional and informational support

January 4, 2020

We always here a lot of bad things about social media. And it can be quite damaging –…
Argonne’s Mira supercomputer set to retire after years of enabling groundbreaking science

December 30, 2019

Mira, the 10-petaflop IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer first booted up at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory in 2012,…
Wireless communication by the metre

December 21, 2019

Is there a poor mobile signal? In that case, buy a few metres of radio stripe and set…
Ridesharing: Fair or Profitable?

December 20, 2019

Existing ridesharing platforms – or at least the decision-making mechanisms that govern their functions – operate in a…
Industrial robot. Image credit: jarmoluk via Pixabay (Free Pixabay licence)
‘Robotic blacksmithing’: A technology that could revive US manufacturing?

December 18, 2019

Although it may not be obvious, there’s a close link between manufacturing technology and innovation. Elon Musk often…
Engineers developing machine-learning tools to quickly, cheaply design better solar cells

December 16, 2019

Researchers are developing machine learning tools to help them flip the design script and accelerate technology development. They’re…
How Artificial Intelligence Affects Software Development

December 15, 2019

Ever since its inception, artificial intelligence has been disrupting different fields and industries. Software development is no exception,…
A new network design for the “Internet from space”

December 12, 2019

A new generation of low-​flying satellites promises an “Internet from space”, that will be able to cover even…
Eight University of Toronto artificial intelligence researchers named CIFAR AI Chairs

December 10, 2019

Eight University of Toronto artificial intelligence researchers – four of whom are women – have been named CIFAR…
Storing data in everyday objects

December 10, 2019

A research team with members from ETH Zurich has discovered a new method for turning nearly any object…
Estimating the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining

December 9, 2019

As an alternative to government-issued money, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin offers relative anonymity, no sales tax and freedom from…
5 ways a Laboratory Execution System will Transform the Laboratory Environment

December 3, 2019

The laboratory environment is a highly complex, structured environment comprised of isolated, expensive machinery that ensures precision, traceability…
The Hybrid Cloud: When On-Prem and Private Data Collide with the Cloud

December 2, 2019

You might not want to move completely to the cloud. You may have legacy applications that you can’t…
DevSecOps: Security Management in 2020

November 29, 2019

As the number of security breaches in 2019 continues to grow, organizations are looking for better ways to…
How smartphones can verify your identity

November 28, 2019

Anyone who wants to open a bank account or buy a mobile phone plan has to identify themselves…
The Anonymity of Tor, VPN, and Proxy – What Do You Need to Know?

November 24, 2019

So, you begin to worry about the fact that your ISP is spying on you, throttling traffic or blocking some…
U.S. Transportation Secretary Announces Solving for Safety Visualization Challenge Winner

November 22, 2019

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced University of Central Florida (UCF) as the winner of the Solving…
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