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New study shows that there are 36,750 different ways to drive

Posted December 5, 2019

Everyone drives differently. There are many driving styles. Some people are very calm and composed on the road, while others are trying to reach their destination as quick as possible no matter the cost. But how many driving styles there actually are? A new study from Hyundai shows that there are 36,750 different ways to drive.

Hyundai found 36,750 different ways to drive a car. Image credit: Hyundai

Seems like a very specific number? Well, yeah, but it was estimated using mathematical models. Hyundai researchers identified the six most important factors that impact driving style. Then a mathematical model was created to measure a real life impact of each and every one of them. Then researchers surveyed  2,000 UK motorists, asking them a number of questions about their own driving style, different types of vehicles and alternative fuel. And so, it turns out there are 36,750 different driving styles – who knew!

Most surveyed drivers identifies their driving style as “confident” (28 %). Unsurprisingly, men (31 %) felt more confident than women (25 %) behind the wheel. Other most common driving styles were “Fair and measured” (24%), “Calm” (19 %), “Nervous” (7 %) and “Aggressive” (also 7 %). And it seems like majority of drivers of alternative fuel vehicles do not break rules too badly and/or do not meet too many impolite driver – 92 % said that they haven’t been beeped at before.

Electric cars are not afraid of lightning storms and they are safe to charge at home. Image credit: Hyundai

Why driving styles matter? Well, a lot depends on them. Autonomous vehicles will have to react to all kinds of drivers on the road. Remember that robots are going to be sharing the same roads with people. Then there is an issue of fuel consumption and range. Each car is predicting how far you can go before filling up. That depends heavily on the way you drive. If you are not a calm driver, you will not go very far. This is especially true for alternative fuel vehicles.

Sylvie Childs, Senior Product Manager at Hyundai, said: “We’ve found we all drive differently, with thousands of different styles, but we all can be united by a common cause of driving cleaner and preparing our cities for a zero-emission future.”

Interestingly, this research also revealed a bunch of misconceptions about alternative fuel vehicles. 18 % of surveyed drivers said they didn’t believe it would be safe to drive through a lightning storm, while 12 % would not want to even charge their phone inside of an electric vehicle. And, unsurprisingly, 22 % of people driving ICE-powered cars said they are worried about charging an electric car.

Those are, of course, myths. Electric cars are safe, you can use them to charge your phones and other devices and they are not scared of lightning storms. Hopefully, as they become more and more common, people will drop these ridiculous beliefs.


Source: Hyundai

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