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The Cost of Putting on Makeup Behind the Wheel

Posted November 8, 2019

Although technological advances continue to make our lives easier with everything from smart homes, to budgeting apps and self-driving vehicles, our mornings can oftentimes still get the best of us. With juggling work, kids, running errands and just our busy lives at home, we can sometimes have no choice but to multitask.

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According to a new survey by Car Rentals, nearly 55% of women feel they are too busy and that their mornings are by far the busiest part of their day. Only 5% of the nearly 700 women polled do not wear any makeup, and 63% of those who do, admitted to only having about 5-10 minutes to apply it each morning.

With these numbers, it’s no wonder why many people choose to finish some tasks during their commute, including having breakfast, putting on makeup or finishing up any other grooming.

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For this particular poll, we rounded up some of the shocking responses:

  • 24% of women admitted to feeling distracted while applying their makeup behind the wheel
  • 19% admitted to hitting the brakes from inching too close to a driver in front of them
  • 13% said they’ve poked their eye while applying mascara
  • 30% of drivers frequently see women applying makeup behind the wheel
  • Only 10% of respondents said they felt skilled enough to apply makeup while driving

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While these findings are concerning, some women even reported missing a green light while applying their makeup and nearly half of respondents said they’ve taken their eyes off the road to reach into their makeup bag to grab a product.

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As more of us are living in or commuting to cities for work, applying makeup on the go has become a popular time-saver. It’s even forced the beauty industry to develop more portable, compact and easy-to-apply-on-the-move products.

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But if a cop were to see you applying makeup in your car, could they give you a ticket? The short answer is, yes. Applying makeup in the car is without a doubt a dangerous distraction. The in-car makeup regimen falls under the umbrella of distracted driving. In many states, it’s viewed the same as eating while driving or worse, texting and driving.

In fact, depending on where you live, a distracted driving fine can cost you in the thousands! Below is a map highlighting the potential costs in each state.

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In short, as busy as our mornings can be, it’s always best to leave makeup application, grooming, eating and texting away from the wheel. Not only can it cost you a hefty fine, but  distracted driving claimed 3,166 lives in 2017 alone.

Do your best to put together a solid morning routine that allows you enough time to finish all of your morning to-do’s before you hit the road, even if it means preparing a few things the night before.


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