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After a great success on Indiegogo, Turris MOX modular router with unique protection is now coming on the market

Posted November 4, 2019

Allowing users to choose parts according to their needs and flexibly responding to current network threats, the router exceeded the goal set in the Indiegogo campaign by almost one half. The first devices have been delivered to the backers and Turris MOX is now coming to the retail market.

Image credit: Indiegogo

According to CZ.NIC association, the administrator of the Czech national domain, the first Turris MOX sets purchased within the Indiegogo campaign have already been shipped and the devices are now entering the retail market. The amount collected exceeded CZK 8,750,000 (USD 373,000), ranking the secure open source router among the most successful Czech projects on any crowdfunding platform.

The unique Turris OS is capable of handling router security and updates. These take place automatically and this, together with timely recognition of current network threats, makes Turris OS a clear choice for all users who want to be sure of their online safety. The hardware design of the MOX system is likewise unique, with modularity allowing the users to build network devices that they need at the moment, such as routers, servers, access points (AP) or switches. The desired network device can be put together in a practical configurator.

The basic Turris MOX Start module costs EUR 169 and the individual extension modules are  available for prices ranging from EUR 45 to EUR 109. The price of the complete Turris MOX Classic set with dual Wi-Fi and four Ethernet ports was set at EUR 299. The innovative device can be found at and in selected e-shops.

Ondřej Filip, Managing Director of CZ.NIC, said: “We are very happy that Turris MOX was so well received by both fans and corporate customers. It is a unique product that allows users to build a device that satisfies their needs. We are also pleased with the growing number of active Turris OS devices, as this increases our chances in fighting against cyber threats.”

Safety comes first

Software updates in traditional routers have to be installed by the users themselves, who are usually unaware that updates are available and, consequently, do not update their devices. By contrast, Turris MOX and Turris Omnia will install security updates automatically. The worldwide network of Turris routers also helps detect new threats and combat them.

This way, Turris OS dramatically improves security for the users, which is very desirable in the context of the gradual growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). This is all the more dangerous since today’s network devices and IoT solutions are faced with a new threat – attackers who use people to mine cryptocurrencies or send malware without their knowledge. Thanks to its versatility, Turris MOX can also function as an access point or switch and thus provides cutting-edge security of all network elements in your home and office.

Modularity for the future

Apart from the ability to build a network device according to the users’ needs, Turris MOX also allows for a flexible solution when their needs change. Thanks to the modular construction, they can add up to 24 Ethernet ports any time with the MOX E module, or, when a fibre connectivity is introduced, they can buy the Turris MOX D SFP module. The Turris MOX B extension module will make the anticipated transition to the new 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard much easier – a simple switch of the mPCIe card will do the trick. The modular construction thus provides the guarantee that the network security will not hinder network growth and innovation in the future.

Flexibility with PoE and the Nextcloud service

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) charging technology enables installation of Turris MOX also in places with limited access to power. The use of PoE is also facilitated by optimal choice of AP location and the option to hide data storage created on a new network device in a safe place.

The cooperation between the Turris project and Nextcloud is also a great benefit, allowing users to create their own cloud storage with Turris MOX. Consequently, they do not have to depend on services of large corporations and can store their data locally, while still enjoying the benefits of cloud-based solutions such as synchronisation and access from any computer.

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