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New app aims to change the way we use email

Posted October 22, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered how a mix of WhatsApp and Slack would look like, a new app called Spike is probably the closest thing you’ll get. Described as “the world’s first conversational email app,” Spike’s goal is to revolutionize the way we talk online by removing confusing email threads, formal writing, address books, email signatures and anything that involves “kind regards” at the end of a message.

For interdepartmental communication, Slack or Teams generally tend to be the favored options, while most of the modern world loves WhatsApp for messaging friends and family. It appears as though Spike wants to combine the best of both of those tools, such as the back-and-forth messaging thread, the use of emojis and gifs, the ability to add new people into a group chat, as well as attach files seamlessly.

What seems like a text message is actually an email that simply looks like one. The message still goes to a Gmail or Outlook account as usual, but with a presentation that’s changed. Someone else would still see a regular email even if you view the message in Spike. Spike is also available for iOS and Android phones, as well as all major browsers for a desktop version on Mac and Windows.

For personal use, Spike is completely free (and plans to stay that way), but for business use, a monthly fee of $5.99 is charged. This gives you unlimited accounts, a free custom domain account, and priority tech support. It’s worth noting that other business offers exist, and all current 1&1 IONOS users can get a free account with Spike thanks to the special partnership between both companies.

Spike would be useful for anyone who has to use email frequently – for personal or professional use – and finds the old-school, rigid way of writing emails too cumbersome. Of course, the whole process works better if everyone involved in the email thread is using Spike, but invitations to use the app can easily be sent to others. It might not be so much about saving time (writing an email doesn’t take that long), but more about mirroring the faster, casual, and more informal way we use text messaging.

Any special features to know about?

There are some that email pros might be interested in, such as:

  • Finding information or a contact via the search feature
  • Snoozing an email and tell Spike when to remind you
  • Checking personal and professional email accounts without logging in and out
  • Setting priority emails to the top of the page
  • Incoming and outgoing emails are encrypted
  • Dark Mode to help save energy and lessen eye-strain
  • Scheduling emails ahead of time with the Send Later option

Some blogs have gone into a really in-depth, hands-on trial with Spike, but as the app is free right now, it’s worth a try for anyone looking to shake up the way they interact with emails on a daily basis.

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