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Tesla Dishes out more Info on the Design of its New Pickup Truck, to be Unveiled in November

Posted October 15, 2019

Thanks to the sparse details provided by the company itself, there has been much speculation about the upcoming electric pickup truck from Tesla, announced during the reveal of Model Y – one of the early designs intended to foster the company’s ultimate goal, which is reaching a broader audience.

According to Musk, “Cybertruck doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen bouncing around the Internet. It’s closer to an armoured personnel carrier from the future”.

As you might have (correctly) guessed from the name, the vehicle has been heavily inspired by science fiction of yesteryear, with the CEO himself describing it as “cyberpunk”, “Blade Runner”, and most dramatically – as “heart-stopping”.

The only official teaser image currently available on the Internet depicts a dimly illuminated black box covered in dense shadows, which is hardly a clear indication of what’s to come – although that is likely part and parcel of the company’s marketing strategy.

Given Musk’s claim that “Cybertruck” will be more reminiscent of an APC, rather than your run-of-the-mill truck, the teaser image (depicted below) likely represents a more streamlined and futuristic version of the latter type of military vehicle.

Is it a couch? A monitor? A weird travel bag? Nope, it’s a mysterious promotional image of the design of Tesla’s new pickup truck. Image courtesy of

In addition to revealing the design concept, Musk also said he wants people to be able to purchase a top-level truck for $50,000 or less (with more high-end options available to those who can afford them). The vehicle also needs to outclass the almighty Ford F-150, and even be superior (in terms of sports performance) to the Porsche 911.

Furthermore, in top-level trim, the vehicle will boast a range of 640-800 kilometres, be powerful enough to tow up to 135,000 kilograms, have an automatic parallel parking mode, and a number of 360-degree cameras and sonar.

Some even expect the truck to be the first Tesla product featuring the much-discussed million-mile battery that’s currently under development by the company.

Whether all – or some – of the above specs are merely a PR stunt or reality, we might know as soon as next month, which, based on Musk’s statement given in September, is currently set for a grand reveal.


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