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Volkswagen is introducing a cheap electric people’s car – the new e-up! is more affordable than ever

Posted September 6, 2019

Did you know that Volkswagen’s name means “people’s car”? This manufacturer was always meant to produce affordable cars for everyone.  By expanding to a multi-brand automotive giant Volkswagen left some of those ideas behind – Volkswagen’s own Skoda and SEAT cars are generally cheaper. However, now Volkswagen is getting ready to introduce a new and affordable electric car.

The new Volkswagen e-up! will have a range of 260 km and 0-100 km/h time of 11.9 seconds. Image credit: Volkswagen

Ok ok, we hear you – Volkswagens are still not that expensive. In fact, Volkswagen now is both the brand name and its slogan. But still, by going for electric cars Volkswagen is set to start making more expensive cars. That’s just the way it is – electric cars are expensive. Well, they should be – Volkswagen is about to introduce the new e-up!, which will come with a relatively affordable price.

Volkswagen up! is a small city car, which received praise from automotive journalists and awards from several magazines. It is practical, affordable and good looking. Electric version, called e-up!, is also very good, but everything can be improved.

The new e-up! got a battery upgrade – gone is the old 18.7 kWh battery, now replaced with 32.3 kWh elements. This will allow e-up! to go for 260 km on a single charge. It will be possible to reach a charge of 80 % in just an hour using a 40 kW charging station. As always, charging information and many vehicle’s controls will be approachable through a smartphone app. And don’t worry about those batteries dying on you – Volkswagen is offering 8 years or 160,000 km warranty for them.

The previous generation of e-up! was actually more expensive. Image credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen e-up! is going to be a fun little urban electric vehicle. Its 61 kW electric motor provides maximum torque as soon as you hit the pedal, which propels the car to a 100 km/h in under 12 seconds and onto a top speed of 130 km/h. It can go on a highway then, which is cool for those living in suburban areas.

e-up! retained its practicality – it still has a substantial luggage space and fits four people inside comfortably. Standard equipment includes an automatic air conditioning system, the “composition phone” radio system, “maps + more” as a docking station and multifunctional app and the Lane Assist lane departure warning system. And that’s all for the low price of 22 thousand Euro! Of course, you can get crazy on the optional equipment list.

The prices of the new Volkswagen e-up! will start at €21,975, which is cheaper than the previous model. Furthermore, by using various subsidies and electrification support programmes people will be able to bring the price down – in Germany e-up! can cost as low as €17,5952. Volkswagen is also introducing a leasing scheme –  at a monthly rate of only €159 it does sound like an affordable vehicle. Volkswagen says that it will be a perfect company car or a good first electromobile for young people living in urban environments.


Source: Volkswagen

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