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Annoyed by backseat drivers? Technology is coming to replace them

Posted September 3, 2019

Driving is actually quite a pleasurable activity. There is nothing better than cruising around your favourite roads stress free. Of course, there is always someone to ruin the fun – no one likes backseat drivers. Now Ford thinks that technology could put an end to this huge annoyance – a study has shown that driver-assist technology could replace the role of backseat drivers.

Only technology can replace and push out the backseat driver. Image credit: Ford

You’ve definitely been in a car with backseat drivers. They tell you everything you do wrong – you are driving too close to the car ahead, you are too slow or too fast, you are not signalling on time, your hands are in incorrect positions and you’re pretty much going to kill someone. This is extremely annoying and reduces the pleasure of driving to nothing. However, it is hard to deny the fact that these people are actually wishing well. They are actually trying to help, even though they are not evaluating your driving experience and efforts you put into driving safely.

Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology essentially should replace backseat drivers. It can help drivers navigating and dealing with traffic. Essentially, it is an electronic backseat driver that doesn’t annoy as much. But would it work?

Ford and sociologist Jess Carbino conducted a study, which showed that  68 % of drivers believe that backseat driving behavior will decrease because of driver-assist technology. Essentially, people will stop nagging, because they will see that information and help that they think they are providing is redundant. These driving assistant technologies include Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert and Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking in the case of Ford.

Jess Carbino, author of the study, said: “For a lot of drivers, constantly getting advice from passengers is more than just annoying, it’s stressful. The Ford Co-Pilot360 helps encourage trust during the drive and can help create a more relaxed, collaborative atmosphere in the car”.

This is rather interesting, because people usually believe that technology is going to destroy human connection. This study shows that smart technologies are here save that relationship between humans. When one is not commanding the other and both passengers and the driver can be more relaxed, they can enjoy each other more.

On the other hand, will driver-assist technologies really end the career of backseat drivers? Maybe, but maybe they will become even more annoying, encouraging you to not trust “computers” or drive more carefully in case the technology goes wonky. Either way, technologies like  Ford Co-Pilot360 are not really here to stop backseat driving. They are here to help drivers and make road trips a lot safer and more comfortable. If they will also reduce backseat driving, it is a nice bonus.


Source: Ford

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