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Posted August 30, 2019

Algae-based feedstocks have shown tremendous potential in providing a safe, secure and locally available source of drop-in liquid fuels for the transportation sector. These feedstocks have the potential to not compete with conventional food crops and fresh water resources, and use marginal land for cultivation.

Image credit: Joe Sullivan/Wikipedia/CC BY 2.0

Once cultivated, microalgae must be removed from the aqueous water media and processed to remove the internal constituent, such as lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. These products can be converted into usable biofuels through a variety of chemical, mechanical and biological mechanisms. To date, many of these mechanisms have shown to be cost prohibitive, energy intensive, and/or require large amounts of solvents or caustic agents.

The Designed2Scale Challenge is seeking innovations, solutions and startup technologies that decrease energy and chemical intensity for 3rd generation biofuels, mainly the downstream processing components. This challenge is set up in partnership with ExxonMobil, aiding their technology team to integrate various solutions to minimize energy usage, and thereby CO2 footprint, through technological innovation in key energy intensive areas at scale.

Submission to this Challenge must be received by 6 a.m. EET Nov. 15, 2019.

Source: Herox

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