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How Shipping Yards Worldwide Are Utilizing LED Technology

Posted August 21, 2019

When it comes to designing a shipping yard, safety and efficiency are two of the most important factors. One of the biggest influences on both of those factors is the type of lighting utilized. Shipyards require bright, durable lighting, and the shipyard’s bottom line requires energy-efficient, low-maintenance lighting systems. For that reason, LED luminaires and other specially designed LED marine lights are a perfect fit.

LED-based lighting in a shipyard. Image credit: Julius_Silver via Pixabay (Free Pixabay licence)

LED-based lighting in a shipyard. Image credit: Julius_Silver via Pixabay (Free Pixabay licence)

Cost-Effective Lighting is Perfect for Shipyards

LED Luminaires are able to deliver efficient lighting at an 80% reduction in energy costs, making them an excellent choice for shipyards. Because failure isn’t an option and shipyards are constantly active, LED luminaires can get the job done by lasting 4 times longer than HID lighting systems at a fraction of the cost. That means your LED lights can last upwards of 100,000 hours without missing a beat.

Lights in a shipping yard are often incredibly difficult to reach. Luckily with LED Luminaires patented cross-ventilation system, they last even longer than their predecessors. As a result, you’ll only be sending maintenance crews up to replace bulbs a fraction of the time. This increased longevity also drastically decreases maintenance costs immediately and long-term.  Add in that LED lights don’t require maintenance-heavy ballasts, and the benefit is substantial.

Safety is Critical

If you’ve ever been to a shipping yard, you’re aware of just how dangerous the area can be. Just like a construction site, a shipping yard will often contain many specialized cranes and other heavy equipment. The ability of an LED Luminaire to cast bright, focused light over an area can greatly reduce workplace injuries caused by dim lighting.

For safety’s sake, you also need a lighting system that holds up against even the roughest environments. Any unexpected lighting failure can lead to revenue loss, damage, or injury. LED flood light luminaires contain a rugged housing that protects against salt spray, corrosion, and harsh marine environments. LED flood light luminaires aren’t affected by dust, dirt, extreme heat or cold, unlike magnetic ballasts and fluorescent lights that dim or fail when winter weather arrives.

High Visibility and Clear, Bright Light

When you have a crew working long, harsh hours at a shipping yard, the last thing you want is for them to be subjected to visual fatigue or discomfort. LED Luminaires have a UGR of less than 19 which provides optimal visual comfort for extended periods.

The superior color rendering of an LED Luminaire is one of its best qualities. A CRI of greater than 85 means that your LED lighting will look nearly identical to natural sunlight. Colors will look more natural, visual comfort will be increased, and glare will be practically eliminated. As a result, LED luminaires are the perfect match for any shipyard.

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