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Smart home startups that changed our lives (Infographic)

Posted August 8, 2019

Technology is no longer an extraneous thing – it’s a necessity in our daily lives. Not only does tech help us communicate easily with people across the globe, but it also gives us more control over our lives, allowing us to connect devices and use them with just the click of a button. And the recent smart home revolution increases this ideal, bringing life to devices that used to only be controlled manually, and overall improving the lives of everyday consumers.

And while there are a few big-name companies that dominate the smart home market, there are also a variety of smart home startups that have shaken the industry and changed what it means to have a smart home.

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To take a deeper dive into the world of smart home technology and see just how much it has changed our lives, The Zebra looked at some of the most popular startups in the industry, the money they raised and the impact they had on the world of smart home tech.

For example, did you know that Lifx, an LED smart lightbulb startup, raised $16.3 million before being acquired by Buddy in 2019? Some of the most popular startups often get swept up by bigger companies looking to buy up the competition. But not all the startups sell. Cocoon is a smart home monitoring system with a huge impact on the industry, raising $7.1 million despite their high market price, and they have yet to sell to any other company.

Image credit: The Zebra

Image credit: The Zebra

No matter if you are looking for more security, smarter utility devices, or tech that can track your sleeping patterns and monitor your health, there is smart home device out there for you. And there is no doubt these categories will continue to expand as this industry grows, leading to interconnected homes and tech that gets things done for you.

Check out The Zebra’s infographic below to read up on this growing market, the top players in the game, and what’s next for the future of smart home tech. And don’t forget to get your home (and your new smart home devices) protected with comprehensive home insurance so you can sleep soundly knowing you don’t have to worry.

Image credit: The Zebra

Source: The Zebra

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