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Brief Overview of Technologies used to Protect Smartphones against Damage

Posted August 8, 2019

As we move through this technological era, there is going to be a lot more changes in the way we do things, mainly since these changes help us do things with ease and convenience. By now, most people have realized that technology is evolving in so many ways.

One form of tech that is constantly developing is the use of smartphones. Year after year, new smartphone models are being released, and these newer models have all the latest features with them. This means it needs to be protected from any potential damage.

Damaged iPhone. Image credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain

Damaged iPhone. Image credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain

Your phone can be damaged in several ways if you aren’t careful. For example, iPhones are one of the most popular phone models chosen by the public, but they are also one of the most expensive and delicate phones too, so there are lots of reasons to look for additional protection against mechanical damage.

Depending on the iPhone (model) you have, you could be looking at some expensive repairs. That, or you may just have to get a brand new phone altogether. Phones are already expensive as it is, so making sure your phone is protected is the best option you have.

Avoiding the different forms of damage is very much possible, especially when it comes to liquid damages. The second-largest cause of smartphone damage is liquid. Every day, your phone could be at risk by liquid seeping into its circuits. People usually turn to the assistance of a waterproof iPhone case to keep their devices safe. It’s not unheard of, but it’s a great way to have that extra protection.

Now, having a case does indeed offer that extra protection that you want for your phone. Although, along with that, companies use different technologies with the smartphone design to improve its security. It’s one of the great things about advanced technology- almost everyone has access to it.

Technologies using Nano Coating

Over the years, the use of Nano-coating technology has increased by a significant margin. Right now, there are three different forms of Nano-coating technology. You have multilayer films, hydrophobic, and the atomic layer. Each form is responsible for the protection of your phone from liquids, but it doesn’t mean your smartphone will be invincible.

To many people, slightly damaging your phone can bring on multiple levels of stress. Liquids can do some severe damages to the inside of your phone if they come into contact with the wrong area. Thanks to the development of these technologies, you now have base protection.

Like with the hydrophobic, which creates a barrier of resistance, there’s much more resistant than any other standard coating form. Smartphone developers can significantly reduce the impact of liquid exposure by using Nano-coating technologies. This factor alone is incredible. Have a high level of protection with the help of Nanotech and take advantage of the technological era.

Extra Smartphone Durability with Protective Cases and Adhesive Screen Films

Now, there are smartphone cases that are capable of covering the front and back of your smartphone. Those cases are great to have, but it also depends on the user. Some people prefer a case itself, but that leaves your screen open to damage risks. This is where adhesive screen films come into the picture.

With a screen film, you will be protecting your screen from potential scratches and screen cracks. Both your smartphone itself and your screen with have two lines of protection, and who wouldn’t want that?

Developing and Manufacturing Smartphones with Plastic Seals

With a physical seal design, significant protection against any liquid ingress is provided. In simpler terms, manufactured gaskets and seals protect different ingress points of the smart device.

Essentially, these small covers keep different areas from being exposed. That goes for the charging port, SD card slots, earplug jack, and other areas. Those areas can be protected from liquids as well as dust being that they won’t be exposed anymore.

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