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Understand Customers Through Demand-Based Analytics – with IHG, Vueling and Thomas Cook

Posted August 7, 2019

Understanding what your customers want to buy, and when they will buy it, is key in the perishable and highly competitive business of travel.  And real-time is now available to help you unlock huge insights, allowing you to better target consumers, build superior products and adjust faster to changing patterns.  Analysing this data can make the difference in whether you sink or swim; correctly understand your customers, predict their future demands and you’ll increase your top line and cut costs.

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To help you use data to predict customer demand, EyeforTravel has just released the “Understanding Customer Behaviour Through Demand-Based Analytics” report, featuring insights from IHG, Vueling, W2M, The Travel Corporation and Datumize (one of Wired Magazine’s top 10 hottest start-ups).  This report will show you how to overcome technical challenges and get departments collaborating to make data-driven decisions.

Access the whitepaper on demand-based analytics here.

You’ll get detailed info on how leading travel brands are:

  • Using advanced analytics to find out which customers didn’t buy, where they dropped out, what they’re looking at – and how to adjust your inventory accordingly
  • Collecting, measuring and analysing search traffic to create an optimal digital presence
  • Analysing cancellation levels and building in intelligent overbooking levels
  • Using machine learning to create personalised websites for each customer

Source: EyeforTravel

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